At its inception in 1981, Regatta was founded by just 12 people with a passion for the outdoors. Keen to spread that passion as far and as wide as possible, they began making quality clothing geared towards withstanding harsher climates and colder temperatures, at prices that everybody could afford. Almost 40 years on, they’re now one of the biggest brands of winter and outdoor clothing anywhere on the planet, their product range having touched and enhanced the lives of millions of people worldwide.

At Garment Printing, we’re proud to stock all manners of Regatta gear, from padded coats and waterproof jackets to warm fleeces and sweatshirts. Not only engineered to ward off the winter chills and icy mountain top blasts, all Regatta clothing is designed to emulate and anticipate the most modern trends in world fashion, leaving you looking suave and stylish even as it keeps you snug and cosy. It’s attire that’s been created with everyone in mind, from hill walkers and hikers to camping enthusiasts and globetrotters, from busy mums pushing prams and ardent dads at the big match to their young kids who like nothing better than jumping in puddles. If your passion has its place in the great outdoors, Regatta are committed to helping you enjoy it.

Regatta Professional

It’s this spirit of inclusivity which has drawn Garment Printing most to their ethos, and it’s one which extends to their own staff, as well. Whether it’s allowing their employees to work remotely on certain tasks or start their shift later to take care of extracurricular commitments and activities, they strive to be as flexible as possible when it comes to accommodating the needs and wants of their workforce.

They also offer enhanced maternity and paternity pay to those who have been recently blessed with the pitter-patter of tiny feet, allowing them to enjoy those once-in-a-lifetime moments a little longer, while they’re also dedicated to narrowing the gender pay gap in the workplace. Last year, the mean pay gap between males and females was 2.52%, down from 3.8% the year before, and they’re continually striving to remove such inequality altogether.

Ethical Clothing

Outside of their own factories and offices, Regatta operate on those same principles of honesty, transparency and fairness in all their dealings. As a signal of their intent, they joined the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) in 2012 as a founding member and since May 2017 have been awarded “Achiever” status according to ETI standards, which are based upon the International Labour Organisation (ILO) code of conduct. Their operations are currently linked to suppliers and manufacturers in 116 factories in nine countries, employing a total of 40,000 workers. Regatta have made it their responsibility to ensure those workers are treated fairly and responsibly, with over half of the companies which supply them having done so for more than five years and over a third for more than a decade.

They’re also financial supporters of a raft of different charitable causes. For more than 10 years, they have positively impacted more than 3,000 families through the establishment of a primary school in the vicinity of their manufacturing factory in Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, which teaches disabled and impoverished children between the ages of four and 14. Elsewhere, they have sponsored such different worthy causes as the Alzheimer’s Society Memory Walk, Cash for Kids, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, as well as over 70 others. Clearly, Regatta care about far more than just customer conversion rates and profit margins.

See the range of Regatta Professional clothing we provide.

In line with our own principles, Regatta are also committed to reducing the carbon footprint of their company and contributing towards a greener tomorrow. With that in mind, they’ve created an in-depth business plan with specific targets on improving their environmental performance. As well as bringing down emissions of CO2, those targets also include reducing consumption of water, improving waste and chemical management procedures and employing more sustainable materials in the manufacture of their products and its packaging where possible.

For all those reasons and more, we’re proud to count Regatta among one of our closest and most trusted partners when it comes to supplying the clothing for our personalised range. When you order a Regatta jacket, coat or other winter wear item from Garment Printing, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a product that combines affordability, attractiveness and unbeatable quality. You can also take comfort in the knowledge that you’ll be supporting a business that does its very best to enhance as many lives as it can, touching countless people all over the globe and improving their daily lot, one person at a time.


Featuring a concealed hood, studded storm flap and elasticated cuffs with 2 zipped lower pockets, this bomber jacket is as trendy as durable. It’s designed to be essential for poor weather conditions, being both water-resistant AND wind resistant. It makes life a little easier staying warm (with the additional heat from the fleece lining), dry and comfortable, especially if you are working in unpleasant conditions.

Although it is quite a heavy product, its practicality defeats this potential flaw. It is a breathable jacket to stop you sweating excessively under several layers of clothing. Being new, high quality and versatile, this jacket is aimed to suit a wide population and give them the comfort that they deserve.

Additionally, the range of colours available such as burgundy, navy, khaki offers customers more choice… ultimately meaning more sales!

In terms of printing techniques, as it’s made of 5000 polyester it eliminates the option of using DTG but it’s thick enough to apply embroidery and screen printing is doable. Waterproof doesn’t withstand heat all the time so may not necessarily work with vinyl but can be tested to check.Product size guide


Looking for a smart but practical jacket? The Hudson mark will be the perfect choice for perhaps outdoor meetings with clients. It not only presents you as well-dressed and fashionable, but it offers full protection. Both being waterproof and windproof, you will be able to depend on this jacket for a lot of outdoor occasions when facing with foul climate conditions. It comes with a fleece lining to trap in warmth and the wind won’t get a look in with windproof fabric and taped seams. A shock cord hem and adjustable cuffs help to tailor the men’s jacket to your fit.

The material consists of 5000 polyester matrix so is extra strong and durable, although it does weigh a fair bit which might be a little downfall. It’ll be perfect for embroidery and screen print but not DTG and can be done with vinyl, but care needs to be taken for the print to stick well.

In terms of choice of colour, it is limited to just black and navy but you could argue they are two of the best colours to appeal stylish and are safe options so you can match them with any outfit.Product size guide

Pro Stormbreak Trouser

At only £6.25 these practical trousers are perfect for outdoor labourers or cyclists. They are made with waterproof Hydra fort fabric, highlighting its practicality as well as being windproof. They are made from a polyester fabric, so will definitely withstand the rigours of daily craft, designed to keep you dry and comfortable outdoors. The need for feeling comfy won’t be a problem wearing these as they’re a loose fit so are great for physical activities! Wear them alone or team them up with a Storm break Jacket, these trousers come with an elasticated waist which allows for ease of movement, definitely value for money.

Robust and light, this product comes with 4 different colours: black, dark olive, fluorescent yellow and navy, giving you a fair few colours to choose from. Being made of 100% polyester, DTG wouldn’t be suitable to print on these trousers and However, screen print and embroidery should be fine. As it’s waterproof, vinyl will be questionable but can be tried to test if it is successful.Product size guide

Pro Packaway Trouser

Similar to the above trousers, these are both cheap (£7.50) and cheerful. In terms of the fabric it’s waterproof and breathable, being made of isolite lightweight polyamide fabric. A pro about the product is that it has an elasticated waistband suggesting it’s great for comfortability. Looking at its features, there are two side pocket openings so perhaps if you want your hands free you can store anything in them. Additionally, there are adjustable press stud hem so you can suit them how you prefer.       They’re durable with a water-repellent finish and very manageable to wear as they’re lightweight trousers. They come with taped seams to prevent leakage so are a reliable product for being outdoors.

It comes in the colours: black, fluorescent yellow, laurel and navy – offering a small selection to choose from. This product comes with a 3-year guarantee, allowing you to return it without any faults in that space of time and in return being given a replacement completely for free! In terms of picking the best printing technique, the material isn’t made up of 80% cotton for DTG, but all other printing techniques can be applicable.Product size guide

Linton Overtrouser

Waterproof, windproof, and breathable, these trousers are a little pricier but offer a protective overlay to the knees and seat area. They’re made from Isotex 5000 coated polyester fabric so are extremely durable. In terms of its features, they’re adjustable at the ankle and come with zipped side pockets which are handy and a zip gusset at hem. The waist is elasticated and drawcord, so it isn’t a tight fit, making it very comfortable to wear and great for outdoor labouring. It is guaranteed 3 years from the date of purchase. A replacement can be done entirely free of charge if it is returned without fault which is a great terms and condition for a product!

However, they are very limited in colour choices, only black and navy are offered so this may affect sales. With it being made of polyester, DTG wouldn’t be suitable but you can screen printembroider and use vinyl on this product.Product size guide

Ablaze Printable Softshell

This warm backed woven softshell comes at a brilliant price – just £9.95! It’s 100% polyester so is a highly durable product but fairly heavy. Not only that, but it’s a wind-resistant membrane fabric so it would be a practical jacket for when you’re out in poor weather conditions, keeping you warm and comfortable during high energy activities. Not to forget, it is also water repellent – keeping you drier for longer as water rolls off the surface of the garment! It features an inner zip guard, 2 lower pockets and an adjustable shock cord hem.

The types of printing techniques it would be useful for are screen-printing and transfer/vinyl printing. This could result in being a popular choice of product for printing because screen-print is our most common printing technique, great for vivid colours to be presented. Transfer allows full colour designs and vinyl is perfect for plain colour designs and fast to produce.

Finally, it comes with a variety of different colour choices like black, extreme green, classic red, and French blue.Product size guide


Another warm backed woven stretch softshell fabric for a jacket with durable water repellent finish, keeping you drier for longer in awful weather conditions. Being wind resistant too, it will assure you to stay warm, comfortable and undisturbed during outdoor activities. This product is made without using any PFCs. We are committed to finding alternatives to using PFC chemicals and are working towards a reduction by 2020. Our product has a super soft handle and is quick drying. The special features it comes with is it’s interactive, it has 2 zipped lower pockets which makes it stylish and useful, an adjustable shock cord hem (men’s only) and a shaped fit (women’s only). Overall, this jacket is lightweight and easy to wear.

The availability for adults and plus sizes suggests it covers people of all shapes and sizes. There are kids’ versions too which is another bonus! There’s a nice range of colours offered: black, classic red, dark spruce, navy, oxford and royal blue to choose from. This seems to be a heavily polyester to cotton material so DTG would not be suitable and it isn’t a printable softshell, so only embroidery is applicable as it’s a thick material.Product size guide

Octagon II

Smart, stylish and compact, this warm-backed softshell comes with a natural stretch for agility and a 3-layer membrane for true breathability. It’s made up of wind-resistant membrane fabric and durable water repellent finish, making it another practical and convenient product to be outdoors in. The waterproof and windproof finish prepares you for adverse weather and the 300gsm weight gives you a secure feel. This breakthrough technology not only enables better breathability, but the lightweight qualities give greater ease of movement. Two zipped pockets provide the perfect practicality.

This softshell can be personalised via embroidery. Embroidery offer excellent durability, and high-quality finish!

The sizes range from XS-5XL in men’s and size 8’’ to 46’’ in women, including kids sizes.

There are a good number of colours to choose from, including bright yellow, hot pink and majestic purple.Product size guide

Micro Full Zip Fleece

This trendy light fleece is very practical due to its minimal weight and warmth, offering a smart alternative to a regular fleece. The 210 series microfleece fabric generates and traps organic heat in a truly bulk-free composition. It holds Layer Lite Fabric technology – this uses a laminate construction in which a special GORE-TEX membrane is bonded to an outer shell material. As a result, it provides an extremely lightweight, packable garment that you can take anywhere. It’s the perfect trans-seasonal layering piece. This fleece offers comfort without the bulk and is convenient for being quick drying. Furthermore, it is easily cared for and offers good wicking performance. As for the features it includes, there are fleece cuffs, adjustable shock cord hem and 2 zipped lower pockets, being a very convenient product to get hold of for the cooler weather conditions.

It comes with a few colour choices too: black, classic red, dark navy, oxford, seal grey. As it’s a fleece material, the only applicable printing technique for it will be embroidery due to its material. Vinyl wouldn’t be able to stick to a thick fabric like fleece and screen print would smudge.Product size guide

Thor III Fleece

This 280 series anti-pill Symmetry fleece is very convenient for being quick drying, easy to care and comes with a super soft handle, adding that extra comfort feel. The interactive fleece is styled with adjustable shock cord hem, so it’s suited how you prefer and 2 zipped lower pockets to keep your hands free. For the women’s version, it is even shaped fit, offering a more flattering look. Offering both comfort and practicality, this fleece is perfect for the outdoors with an anti-pill finish, making it durable and long lasting. There are no signs of external branding, a cut out or back neck label! Furthermore, this garment is PFC free, suggesting the need for better chemicals to be worked with for the sake of our health is being acknowledged.

A fair few colours are offered to pick from which allow you to be extra stylish with your outdoor outfits. There’s: black, classic red, dark navy, hot pink, oxford, royal and a new colour released – seal grey! As it’s a fleece material, the only applicable printing technique for it will be embroidery due to its material.Product size guide

Thor 350

Whether you’re in the builders’ yard or heading outdoors hiking, the Pro cargo trousers will provide the protection you need. The men’s work trousers are made from hard-wearing polycotton blend for comfort and durability. Made from 65% polyester and 35% fabric, this garment weighs 245gsm, being ideal for productive activity. These trousers have a number of special qualities, for one it’s water repellent coating which is super convenient for outdoor labouring, keeping you drier for longer! It comes with part-elasticated waist with a D-ring on it so you can adjust it to your preferred needs with knee pad pockets compatible with Regatta knee pads. Plus, it has belt loops, 2 rear pockets, hammer loop on the right leg. With it including so many features, it highlights its practicality and simultaneously makes you look stylish! It’s reinforced with triple stitching to side seams and crotch making them stronger and reinforcing durability.

The garment is available in short (29’’), regular (31’’) and long (33’’) leg lengths so no one feels discriminated! It is another product which has a cut-out tag to remove any chances of external branding. In terms of the colour choices however, customers are limited with the choice of either black or navy. Both trousers are made up of thick enough materials to be embroidered and can be screen printed or printed with vinyl.

Pro Cargo/Action Trouser

Looking for a heavier fleece? The 350 series anti-pill Symmetry fleece is the perfect garment providing a thermal layer to wear on very cold excursions. The fabric is excellent for quick drying, easy care and super soft handle. Being made of 100% polyester, it is highly durable. It’s featured with fleece cuffs, 2 zipped lower pockets and an adjustable shock cord hem, offering a trendy look for when you go outdoors. It doesn’t include PFC chemicals as we are committed to finding alternatives to avoid the health problems that PFC can cause such as liver toxicity. Additionally, this fleece comes with a cut-out tag to prevent external branding.

The garment offers practicality, comfort and is reliable to last long. It’s perfect for embroidery as the best results are achieved when using thicker stitching on more durable fabrics such as fleece. Vinyl wouldn’t be able to stick to a thick fabric like fleece and screen print would smudge.

Colours are limited, offering: black dark navy and seal grey. They are classy and safe colours which are seen as popular choice.Product size guide

Coolweave Polo

The perfect polo shirt for sunny outdoor activities at a small cost of £5.95! This 100% polyester fabric is long-lasting and offers great wicking performance. It is ideal and fashionable, a top choice of product to wear for most occasions. This polyester pique fabric is cool to wear due to its airflow construction, drawing heat away so you’ll stay fresh throughout the day. Its special features are ribbed collar and cuffs with 3 button plackets with dyed to match buttons, giving it that extra stylish look! It is PFC free, ensuring that better alternative chemicals are used, with an aim to reduce PFC chemicals used by 2020. Additionally, this garment is free from all external branding and has a cut out, back neck label.

There are a few available colours to choose from: black, classic red, iron, navy, oxford blue and silver grey. Due to how cheap and cheerful this product is, it would definitely be a popular buy. Polos are perfect to be embroidered on and screen print and vinyl would be suitable for it too. However, as it’s made up of 100% polyester, DTG would not apply.Product size guide

Hi-Vis Pro Bomber Jacket

Stay seen and protected on the job with this Regatta high-vis jacket. It’s super practical for being both waterproof and breathable as it’s created with Isotex 10000 100% polyester fabric. Not only is it waterproof but it’s windproof with taped seams, being very reliable for outdoor activities! It’s made up of synthetic fibres which trap the air, keeping you warm in cold conditions, soft and light with the warmth coming from the high loft insulation, quick drying and easy to care for. The special features of this product include thermo-guard insulation, 2 zipped lower pockets, ribbed cuffs and hem, concealed hood with adjusters, 2 chest patch pockets and centre front zip with inner chin guard. Not only that, but it comes with ID reflection – angled chevrons which allow people to know which way you’re facing towards or away from them at a quick glance, increasing safety in low light.

A pro for this garment is that there’s a 3-year performance guarantee with the terms and conditions. If there are no faults with it, it can be replaced for free within that time! There’s also no external logo branding. Embroidery would be recommended to apply artwork onto this jacket.

You’ve also got the option of picking between orange/navy and yellow/navy, both very appealing! See our full range of hi-vis workwear from Regatta.Product size guide

Hi-Vis Pro Softshell

This Regatta high-vis pro softshell jacket combines comfort, protection and visibility. The fabric is warm backed woven Softshell XPT, waterproof and breathable with a 3-layer membrane which keeps rain at bay. It’s water repellent, keeping you dry for longer, and wind resistant to keep you warm and comfortable during high energy activities. The lightweight qualities give you greater ease of movement, so you feel looser and more flexible! Its special features include: 2 zipped lower pockets, an adjustable shock cord hem, full length zip with inner zip and chin guard, a chest pocket and an ID reflection. The garment is free from all external branding and have a cut out, back neck label.

The colour selections are: orange/navy and yellow/navy, both very vibrant popular colours used for high visibility outdoor activities. Embroidery would be recommended to apply artwork onto this jacket.Product size guide

Hi-Vis Pro Fleece

Perfect for dry but windy days, the high-vis fleece is your go-to outer layer, made with an anti-pill finish for durability. The 250 series anti-pill Symmetry fleece is very convenient for both warmth whilst simultaneously for visibility and protection too. When working in the dark it’s great for providing ID Reflection – consisting of angled chevrons which allow people to know which way you are facing towards or away from them at a quick glance, increasing safety in low light! It comes with 2 lower pockets to hold smaller items during outdoor physical activities like labouring. They also have ribbed cuffs and hem with a centre front zip and inner chin guard, highlighting its practicality. The orange colourway also conforms to RIS-3279/TOM. The price is fairly on the costly side, being £20 but it could be arguably worth it – offering comfort and efficiency. With an anti-pill finish this fleece is durable and long-lasting, making it value for money, perhaps? You can count on this garment to dry quickly, easily cared for and super soft, providing that extra bit of comfort. It doesn’t even have an external logo branding!

As it’s a fleece material, the only applicable printing technique for it will be embroidery due to its material. Vinyl wouldn’t be able to stick to a thick fabric like fleece and screen print would smudge.Product size guide

Hi-Vis Pro Polo

This 100% quick dry polyester pique, fabric is the perfect pick for a hot and productive day. Ditching the safety jacket for this polo for a busy day on the job, it definitely provides the perfect base layer. Its fabric offers wicking performance. The men’s hi-vis top features reflective panels to the upper and lower torso, for enhanced visibility in the workplace. It uses ID Reflective technology to the front and back to help you remain seen from all angles. The granddad collar is bang on trend and the button placket keeps it smart. The lightweight polo conforms to EN20471: 2013 +A1: 2016 Class 2 (orange also RIS-3279-TOM).

It comes in sizes S-3XL which is advantageous as it covers a wide population and has a female equivalent as well as kid’s sizes! It comes in the colours: orange/navy and yellow/navy to choose from. Its colourfulness is contrasting/multicoloured, reflecting and neon and its functionality is work clothing.

It’s a garment that is PFC free, considering healthier chemicals to prevent health problems for customers. As well as this, the tag has been cut out to prevent external logo branding. The types of printing technique suitable for this product are embroidery as it has a thick enough material.

Hi-Vis Pro Packaway Jacket/Trouser

When it’s raining on the job, stay seen and protected in these hi-vis trousers. The men’s over trousers are waterproof and breathable. It’s made up of Isotex 10000 polyester 150D Oxford fabric and comes with taped seams to prevent leakage. It even includes a grown-on hood with adjusters to keep you warm and comforted! The fabric is windproof allowing you to continue with your outdoor activities without the bother of the poor weather conditions. There are 2 lower pockets for that trendy look, protecting your hands from the cold. Another feature it provides is an elasticated waist so you it wouldn’t fit tightly, making you flexible and at ease when moving around. It conforms to EN343 class 3:2. Conforms to EN20471: 2013 +A1: 2016 Class 2 (trousers) (orange also RIS-3279-TOM). Another special feature it comes with is ID reflection – allowing people to know which way you are facing, whether it’s towards or away from them at a quick glance, heightening safety in low light. As it’s a lightweight garment, it is practical and convenient for packing away into a separate bag with hanger loop for easy storage.

They are available with two colour options: orange and yellow! There’s also cut out tags to prevent external branding. Embroidery would be recommended to apply artwork onto this jacket.Product size guide