With well over a century of experience in manufacturing high-quality clothes fit for any occasion, it’s no mystery why Russell are one of our favourite suppliers when it comes to business clothing, casual wear, school uniforms and promotional garments. The company was founded in 1902 and 117 years later, they continue to prove that they are still leading the way with regard to top-drawer products at affordable prices, while still following and setting modern trends in fashion.

Not content to rest on their laurels or the fact that they have long since established themselves as one of the sector’s most recognisable imprint clothing brands, Russell continue to search for innovative new methods of improving their operations. As well as relentlessly anticipating the latest curves in the world of fashion and developing and refining new products to coincide with them, this also involves seeking out new methods of working with suppliers, partners and customers to achieve an end product which minimises its impact on the environment while still maintaining an impeccable level of quality in everything that is produced.

Russell Clothing

One of the keys to Russell’s success has been their refusal to pigeonhole themselves to one kind of apparel. Among their varied and extensive online collection, they cater to men, women and children who need smart, durable and stylish clothing at home, in school or at their place of work. That catalogue includes – among other items – shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts; jog pants, trousers, fleeces and jackets; school gear, workwear and knitwear. Simply put, the Russell collection is so comprehensive that they’re bound to manufacture the item you need, whatever the situation or circumstances. The sheer depth and breadth of choice, aligned with their commitment to producing articles of clothing of the highest quality, is the reason why we are proud to partner with them, time and time again.

One of the newest additions to the Russell range for the 2019 collection is their exciting selection of insulated jackets, perfect for the colder months that arrive in autumn and winter. Equally suitable for corporate or casual purposes, products such as the Cross Jacket, Hooded Nano Jacket and Nano Body warmer have been specifically designed to combine practicality with panache at an affordable price. As well keeping you warm and comfortable and warding off the harsher elements of winter in the northern hemisphere, Russell’s insulated jacket line is supremely stylish to boot. Of course, all such articles are available for customisation and branding through Garment Printing, allowing you to personalise to your heart’s content and create the perfect gift, uniform or promotional items.

Russell aren’t industry leaders for nothing. In addition to their fantastic range of superior clothing in every style and size imaginable, they are also dedicated to operating their company on a socially responsible platform. This includes employing eco-friendly policies and using sustainable materials wherever possible, as well as affording all of their staff the respect and consideration they deserve.

Don’t take our word for it, though. In recognition of their ongoing efforts to meet best practices with regards to environmentalism and social responsibility, Russell have achieved accreditation from a number of different sources as proof of their good work. Here are just a few of the hallmarks which they have to their name:

  • Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)

BSCI is a supply chain monitoring system which recognises companies which meet best practices inside their farms and factories with relation to facilities, production methods and working routines.

  • OCS 100 – Organic Content Standard

Applicable to any non-edible product which contains over 95% organic material, the OCS not only verifies the exact percentage of organic materials in a product, but also tracks the material at every stage of the supply chain process.

  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

An independent certification system, Oeko-Tex® ensures that all textile manufacturing processes do not include the use of any chemicals harmful to human health.

  • Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP)

As the world’s premier responsible production accreditors, WRAP is a key indicator of a company which is meeting its obligations in regard to international ethical standards.

As an affiliate of Fruit of the Loom, Russell is also committed to stamping out human trafficking, forced labour and modern slavery in all of its forms. As such, Russell continues to provide a shining example to other players in the clothing industry by consistently producing fashionable items of clothing using first-rate materials at competitive prices, without having to resort to immoral or unethical practices to do so.