Personalised Beach Towels

One of the fundamental accessories for every day at the beach are our personalised beach towels. Why not hand out the best company gift ever to your clients or even to your own workers? Personalised beach towels are the perfect merchandise product for everyone to see at the beach. Your company logo will be widely visible while people sunbathe on the beach this very season.See Our Full Catalogue

Advertisement has never been more appealing. Just send us your logo and maybe a mockup of the size you want it embroidered or printed on the beach towel and we’ll send you a quick quote right away. The best printing technique for personalised beach towels is embroidery, as the fabric is not so easily printed in screen printing or vinyl. The stitching will last as long as the towel itself, being able to resist long-lasting washes and salty ocean water.

Final customers will be delighted to have their own personalised beach towels available for their holidays, and you can even combine this gift with a personalised tote bag to put all the other beach accessories together in one bag and have the best effective marketing strategy ever.

Here in Garment Printing, we have the best embroidery quality you can ask in the market. We first send a visual mockup for you to check before production, stating the real size of the embroidery and the most accurate location possible of the logo on the personalised beach towel. After the visual is confirmed by your design team, we make the first embroidery sample and then send you a photo for your final confirmation. After everything is approved and you are satisfied with how the final result will look like, we proceed with the actual personalisation of the beach towels.

We can have these products delivered in 7 to 10 available days after visual confirmation. Depending on the final quoted quantity we’ll need up to 3 more days to complete the order, always reassuring the best possible quality.

If you have any further questions, you can always ask us on the run, while you get a first quick quote with us. Usually, it takes some time to get the final quote and get them in production, so think in advance and get your order in time, as the whole process can take a while until you have your personalised beach towels with your logo on. The confirmation, approval process and then production and shipping can take up to a whole month, depending on the final quantity and if you want to mix the order with some other products available.