Personalised Bibs

Are you a business entity or an individual looking for excellent personalised bibs? You can change your baby’s feeding time to a happy moment by getting personalised baby bibs today. We at Garment Printing offer a wide selection of models that you can find in our extensive catalogue of products.

We work with the best suppliers to provide the highest quality personalised bibs. They all come in one-size for children aged 0-18 months and in different colours – dusty blue, powder pink, white, sapphire and so much more colour variety.

We have different styles of custom bibs all of which are fitted with Velcro fastening for closure at the back of the neck. You can find the following on our catalogue – The double-layered baby bib, the reversible baby rib bib which comes in two layers as well, reversible bandana bib with a binding detail around the edge and the plain contrast bib which also has a binding feature around its periphery.

Our efforts to provide quality printed bibs have been highly made possible due to our supply connection such as Larkwood, Babybugz, and Bella Canvas. They ensure that our production of baby bibs is at steady levels always. To custom bibs, the best form of printing technique is embroidery. This is because our bibs are 100% cotton which makes them suitable for this technique. This process involves the application of threads and stitches to garments, clothing and promotional products.

The process begins by digitising the artwork that transforms a clients design or logo into a file, known as a DST file which is specific to the embroidery machine. We place the bib on to the embroidery machine’s frame, and the stitching begins. It is a sophisticated process which involves hundreds of stitching needles involved in the work.

The materials used for embroidery printing are eco-friendly and the organic and sustainable customisation we offer. The technique is also cost-effective especially for start-up companies and large organisations with a high labour-force. Are you looking for that stylish look in your child’s bib? No need to worry, embroidery printing produces a high-quality finish to give you that elegant appearance and its durability is unparalleled.

The minimum quantity our clients can order is ten units for embroidery. The basis of prices in embroidery printing is the stitch count, and the number of units requested. The cost of printing becomes cheap with the more units you order.

If you own a clothing company, you can also benefit from our relabelling service. By removing and relabelling clothing, it provides your clothing with a fully personalised appearance which your customers will love. For any queries regarding artwork or any other consultation, you can contact our team of dedicated experts to assist you.

Want to know more?

We offer lots of other personalised baby clothes including jumpers, bibs, fleeces and jackets. Call our team today on 0207 101 9315 for more information, we’re always happy to help and look forward to exceeding your expectations.