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Great Britain is – and always has been – a nation of tea drinkers. Whether it’s the first freshly brewed cup in the morning to kickstart the day off properly, the last one before turning in for the night or the stock response to any minor trauma or miniature celebration, tea is one of the cornerstones of British life.

Of course, as long as scalding hot mugs are an integral part of our routine, coasters will have a vital role to play in protecting the surface upon which they’re placed. There’s nothing more unsightly than a tea or coffee ring stain which can permanently damage a table or desk, while the heat contained within the mug can also cause warping and distortion of the furniture’s surface as well. Especially important when it comes to old or antique items, that kind of cosmetic damage should be avoided at all costs. Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to do so – simply via the use of the humble yet heroic coaster.

Using Coasters for Promotion

Given the ubiquity of coasters in homes and offices all around the country, they make for a superb present, whether that be in a corporate sense or a personal one. That gift becomes all the more meaningful when the coaster is embellished with an image or design of your own choosing, communicating to the recipient a special message intended only for them. At Garment Printing, we employ the most sophisticated printing techniques, which allow us to quickly, efficiently and effectively transfer any piece of artwork or imaging onto a top-quality coaster, achieving an end product that’s easy on the eye, eminently practical and built to withstand the wear and tear of a thousand teacups and more.

Printed coasters can be an especially effective tool in the world of marketing. Given their small size and relative inexpensiveness – at Garment Printing, we offer personalised coasters from as little as £0.33 per unit on larger orders – they’re the perfect item to include in a freebie bundle, to distribute widely at trade fairs and business conferences or to give out among staff, clientele and customers. Since they’re such a practical commodity, you can virtually guarantee that they’ll receive daily use and enjoy pride of place alongside the recipient’s computer screen or armchair. There’s a large surface area on coasters as well, allowing plenty of room to include your company name, logo and even its contact information if you so desire. As such, they represent an opportunity to demonstrate the generosity of your company in giving away a highly practical item for free and to secure cheap, long-lasting advertising space that’ll raise awareness around your brand on a constant basis for years to come.

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Meanwhile, customised coasters are just as effective in a domestic sphere as in a business one. They make for the perfect present for friends, family members and acquaintances and their relative affordability mean they’re even suitable for bulk buying and distribution. Instead of mailing out Christmas cards this year, why not send something that the recipient can use all year round? A card will end up in the rubbish bin shortly after December 25th, while a coaster can be put to good use for many moons to come. Alternatively, you could buy a set as a housewarming present or wedding gift, or indeed as a token of your friendship or kinship on any other occasion you can think of. Given the flexibility in the designs available to you, you could choose a picture of the family dog, an inspirational quote that means something to the recipient or even a line from one of their favourite songs. The choices are endless, meaning you can settle upon a gift that’s truly unique and sure to be warmly received.

Of course, you might even just fancy purchasing a set of customised coasters as a gift to yourself. Since they’re such a necessary (but rather humdrum) item around the home, why not liven them up by personalising them with your own design? They’ll provide a talking point for any visitors to your humble abode and can breathe a sense of intimacy into your interior décor. Again, the world is your oyster when it comes to selecting your image, artwork or message – simply strike upon something special to you, send us the details and we’ll do the rest.

At Garment Printing, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile vis a vis all aspects of the purchasing process, from the initial order to the manufacture of the item in question to the delivery thereafter. Our dedicated courier service can transport your order to any address you like, whether it’s a household, office or trade fair, saving you all the hassle and the headaches and making things as easy and stress-free as possible. Still got some questions? No problem! Simply fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can – which is normally within 15 minutes during business hours. What are you waiting for?

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