Personalised Mouse Mats

You would be forgiven for thinking that mouse mats were a relic of the 90s and early 2000s, consigned to the annals of history by more modern variations of the mouse model. But while it’s technically true that laser and optic mice do not require the cushioned surface that their ball-and-wheel forerunners demanded, there are a number of different advantages to retaining the use of a mouse mat.

Why should companies invest in personalised mouse mats? 

For starters, mouse mats can make a significant difference to the direction, speed and accuracy of pointing the mouse on the screen, depending on the type of desk involved. They also provide an ergonomic surface upon which the ball of your hand can rest, which although it might sound inconsequential, can actually be a godsend for those who use their computer for prolonged periods of time on a daily basis. Finally, mouse mats can help protect both the desk and the mouse itself, preventing the former from sustaining cracks or dents and safeguarding the sensors on the latter from any dirt or dust that might accumulate. As such, it’s not surprising there’s still a sizable market for mouse mats, despite the fact that technology has advanced.

Bearing that in mind, why not browse our online collection of high-quality mouse mats and customise one or more with your own design, message or piece of artwork?

Regardless of whether you’re interested in acquiring a personalised mouse mat for home use or in a commercial setting, the mouse mats stocked by Garment Printing offer unbeatable quality and long-lasting duration, coupled with the most sophisticated printing techniques to achieve a final end product that’s designed to serve its purpose well while looking great at the same time.

It’s no secret that mouse mats have been a stalwart of the corporate giveaway scene for decades now. Highly practical, relatively affordable and easily transportable, a mouse mat emblazoned with your company name or logo is almost guaranteed to receive daily use by its owner and will sit directly in their eyeline each time they do so, serving as a constant reminder of your company and the generosity you showed them in gifting them the mat in the first place. Additionally, anyone else who works in close proximity to the recipient of the mat will also see it regularly, achieving the kind of elongated brand exposure that just isn’t possible with other forms of advertising. Purchased in bulk, branded mouse mats can receive a generous discount, making them an ideal freebie to distribute at business conferences, trade shows and other corporate events. On the other hand, they’re practical enough and deemed high value enough to serve as stand-alone giveaways to prized clients or prospective new leads. Wherever they end up, they’re sure to be put to good use, receive continual exposure and elevate your brand’s reputation in the eyes of all who survey them.

That being said, a corporate office isn’t the only environment in which a customised mouse mat can flourish, nor does its purpose necessarily need to be a promotional one. Anyone who uses a home computer (which, according to recent statistics, is 88% of households in the UK) will have a use for a mouse, with those into gaming and recreational computer use having a pronounced need for one. Why not treat yourself to a mouse mat featuring an image, design or piece of artwork of your choosing? It doesn’t even need to be that complicated – you could simply order a mouse mad bearing a message that’s special to you. Perhaps an inspirational quote, song lyric or date of significance in your own life is all that’s needed to breathe familiarity and warmth into a mundane home office item.

Custom printed mouse mats can serve equally well as a thoughtful present, as well. As a stocking filler for the kids, a token of your gratitude to an acquaintance or a supporting gift to the main value present for a loved one, customised mouse mats are the ideal combination of practicality and personalisation. In fact, they’re so affordable that they could even make a fantastic novelty item, intended more as a joke than a real present… but then again, even in that scenario, they’re still useful enough to last well after the laughter has died down.

What more need we say? Whether as a promotional giveaway in a corporate environment or a fun and individual object in a home one, personalised mouse mats have a whole lot to offer. Check out our online range – made only from the highest quality materials – and place your order today.Get a Quote Now!