Personalised Scarf

When your team is out and about and visible to the general public, it is vital they leave a positive impression of your organisation with everyone they encounter.  It is also essential they are not distracted by cold temperatures breezes as they concentrate on delivering their best efforts. Fortunately, the solution is simple; a printed scarf is the perfect way to keep chilly breezes out and, as a noticeable outer layer, it is extremely visible to your customers. Of course, scarves worn by your team should not carry the slogan or colours of a different organisation or, heaven forbid, a rival.

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That is why it is important for your marketing strategy that a printed scarf worn by your crew adds to the promotion of your logo or brand, particularly if you have also taken the sensible step of ordering other items from our extensive range of custom printed beanie hatsbaseball capsjacketsfleecesgloves or even our range of blankets and towels.

Many organisations attract support from loyal customers who are proud to purchase a smaller item such as a personalised scarf to show their allegiance and loyalty to your business, locality or team.

Therefore, in addition to ordering sufficient custom scarves to ensure all your personnel have a fresh one available, many organisations like to go beyond the minimum order of 10 personalised scarves so they can hold an extra stock of printed scarves to be offered for sale to their supporters. While only the most fervent supporters might choose to spend a significant sum to show their allegiance through the purchase of a jacket bearing the name or logo of your organisation, the goal of persuading them to buy a printed scarf and display your brand in other locations is far more achievable.

You know how your business or organisation operates better than we do but you also know that one of the secrets of any successful manager is being able to accept advice and expertise from experts in areas outside the usual focus of their organisation. That is why our team of graphic designers and dedicated account managers is always on hand to offer assistance in creating the perfect design for your custom scarves.

Other key advantages our customers tell us are important is our price beat promise (you will not find a lower price for the same quality), our free graphic design service, visual proofing and quality controls, our massive catalogue of products and designs that complement each other to help you produce the perfect co-ordinated package and brand identity for you and your staff.

We can talk to you about different payment terms to help ensure you are able to benefit from our expertise and leave with the type of individually tailored package that resulted in 98 per cent of customers who reviewed our business to recommend us to others.

So send your crew out daily, each with their own personalised scarf to promote your organisation to the world.

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