School uniforms are traditional attire in most UK schools, and most schools tend to have their emblem or school logo printed on the uniform to make the students easily identifiable.

School uniforms are great because they take away the pressure of personal clothing – which makes life easier for parents, and puts less pressure on students too.As a school, it’s important to have your students looking smart, as their uniform is often the first impression students make. For the best quality school uniforms, at Garment Printing we offer a wide range of items – all fully personable with your school logo, designs and information.

There are many different ways you can personalise the design, whether you want your logo printed large and across the chest, or whether you want the logo small and in the corners of the clothing items. Different schools prefer different ways – but we can cater to all preferences.

We also offer embroidery and printing – so you can choose the effect and method of personalisation too. We find that embroidery is more long lasting and looks more traditional, but many schools prefer the printed effect because it feels a little more modern. The choice is yours though!


Here are some of the things we offer:


Personalised fleeces

Our personalised fleeces make the ideal coat or outerwear for your students during spring and autumn when the temperatures may be a little too cold for cardigans. Our school uniform fleece is soft to touch and great quality. We know how important it is for items to be hard-wearing, especially when children are wearing them at school during playtime!

Personalised kids t-shirts

Basic clothing items such as kids t-shirts will always be a big priority on any school uniform list, and personalising the t-shirts make everything so much easier for teachers – especially when on school trips. Our personalised t-shirts work perfectly for P.E. kits or sports kits, or even as an extra layer of clothing underneath their school jumper in winter months.

Personalised school jumpers

Our school jumpers are of high quality and long-lasting, and our suppliers provide child-friendly styles that are ideal for the school day. They can be personalised with your school logo in the design you choose, and our expert team can help if you want to ask them any questions. Our school uniform jumpers are easily washed too – making parents’ lives easier (which they will thank you for – trust us!).

Personalised cotton gym bag

Our personalised cotton gym bag (also known as a gym sack) is the perfect option for your students’ P.E. bag. If your students often visit external sports centres for P.E. (where lots of local schools mix together) then having uniform gym bags is a great way of ensuring everyone has picked up the right bag. It’s the ideal size to fit their sports kit inside, and it’s hard wearing too – so it’ll last all year round.

Personalised kids towels

If your school is part of a boarding school, you may be looking for school towels. Our towels can be personalised with your school logo, so parents know when school towels are accidentally brought home in the holidays See our Range of School Uniform .

Kids Academy raglan sweatshirt

Kids Academy cardigan

Academy v-neck sweatshirt

Personalised Kids Hoodies