Personalised Sportswear: Shirts

Sportswear was once the sole preserve of the jogger or the fitness fanatic – the person who would not set foot outside of the door without being seemingly covered head to toe in luminous lycra regardless of whether they were training for the London Marathon or just popping to the shop for a newspaper.

Now sportswear for women, men and children is not only everywhere but is accepted as an everyday part of daily wear for weekends and increasingly work and evenings too.

Whether you’re going out for an evening with the family to a local restaurant, spending the day at the park or the seaside or actually getting ready to do something sporty – sportswear is the in thing.

Running Clubs

Running is cool again. You cannot open the pages of Heat, Closer or any other celebrity magazine without seeing a celebrity in their printed running shirts and matching shorts or running bottoms, stretching outside their apartment or drinking from a water bottle in Central or Hyde Park.

And where celebrities go, civilians follow. Demand for sportswear for running has never been higher. Whether it’s to pop out for a quick couple of miles after work or on an evening or to join your local running club or nearest Park Run. Running with friends, colleagues or other groups is a good way to begin or get back into running and personalised running t-shirts with your name, images, club, number or inspiring slogan on will give you more motivation to put it on and step outside when the air is crisp or when it starts to rain cats and dogs.

Designing your own running shirt is easy and a great activity for parents and children to do together. Give them the crayons and felt tips and work on the colour scheme and we will do our very best to match it with our hundreds of designs and materials in stock or that we can obtain from our suppliers. It was once in a while when we used to do running t-shirt printing but now it is one of our most popular requests so make sure to allow plenty of time if you want to get your shirts printed for a particular race, event or occasion.


Birthdays used to be a small celebration for families and friends but thanks to America and social media, every age now is a significant milestone that has to be marked as publicly as possible with gifts, cakes, balloons and mementos.

A really good idea to save money and make a birthday gift for all the family that will be remembered at least until the next one is with a personalised sports t-shirt. Made of durable material, it can be designed how you wish for younger children with popular Disney or cartoon characters that they enjoy and would love to wear or the latest Fortnite or Overwatch heroes for older gamers. Pictures of family and friends from other great occasions will be perfect for adults and maybe seniors would like to be reminded that they were young and with it before they changed what it was.

A personalised sports t-shirt is an ideal gift as it is thoughtful, original, unique and means something more than an Amazon voucher or bottle of wine.

Stag and Hen parties

When one night in the pub won’t cut it anymore and the tour is on, you and your fellow desperadoes need a uniform. Not only does the opposite sex love it, but it’s great to track down any missing members of your party after day one as you will be able to accurately describe what they were wearing.

Personalised or custom sports shirts with the bride or grooms face on them, your own name or nickname and squad number on the back, usually ending in 9 or any other in-joke for you and your gang can be produced within reason.

These shirts are quite hard wearing, wash well and can easily absorb a spilled pint or cocktail before being good to go again the next day, and the next, and the next.


Running is always easier if there is a cause to strive for associated with it. So many people are not only taking up running to raise money for charity and other deserving cases but also to swim, cycle, walk and any other activity you can think of.

Some charities supply shirts and identifying clothing but a personal touch is always more meaningful and our high-quality sports t-shirts printing services will ensure that if you decide to create your own tribute to a friend or loved one or want an inspiring garment to raise spirits and eyebrows as you sprint past in the closing stages. They can also become a keepsake and memory piece for you to look back on and remember the effort you have put in and camaraderie with your training partners. Every image, movie and memory we have is becoming digitised and virtual so it is always nice to have something permanent to remind us.

Sports teams

We’re told that loneliness is on the rise in modern life and more people are starting to feel disconnected. Sport has always played a great role in bringing people and communities together whether it’s watching or playing and wearing a branded sports t-shirt is the best way of indicating a shared interest and allegiance to someone that isn’t a friend – yet!

Whether it’s watching your team on TV, going to a game or even playing five a side football, darts, bowls, bowling, or any other team sport, you can get your matching uniforms made to your specifications and sizes very easily in modern styles and materials.

We are also proud to announce that we offer sublimated sports shirts made of the latest high-performance technical material that wicks moisture and sweat away from the body leaving you dryer for longer just like any other athlete.

No matter what your sportswear needs and how you plan to wear it, we’ve always got you covered!