You’ve bought the ring, popped the question

– and now it’s time for the main event… The Stag do! It’s one of the best parties you’ll ever throw, and whatever you’re choosing to do for your stag do – you’ll want to make sure it’s as memorable and entertaining as possible. 

Your stag do is the start of the celebrations, and the start of the wedding season, so you want to make sure you style it outright. Personalised gifts and clothing are ideal for stag do parties, whether you’re headed for a night out on the town, or a week in Las Vegas. Personalised items make the stag do unforgettable, and they also make the best mementos and souvenirs.Not to mention, they’re an awesome talking point too!We’ve listed out our top picks below.

Stag do t shirts

A classic choice for any stag do, there are so many options available for t shirt personalisation. Our shirts come in loads of colours with different options for personalisation too. And because we know not everyone wears a size medium, or wants a skinny fit shirt, there are plenty of sizes and styles to choose from. You can really have fun with the design of your personalised stag do t shirts, and we’ve seen some great designs leave our studios. You could even have the groom’s face printed on each one, the more embarrassing the photo… the better!

Stag do hoodies

A great choice for winter stag do parties or for plane journeys, our stag do hoodies are comfortable, warm and hard-wearing – which means they stand up to the most stag do activities. If you’re going paintballing, or skydiving, or maybe spending the weekend outdoors – these hoodies are a stag do must-have! They also make for a great photo opportunity too!

Stag do sunglasses

Stag do sunglasses are one of our most subtle personalised items, but they make a big impact. If you plan on being anywhere hot or sunny for your stag do (Ibiza or Vegas perhaps?) – make sure you have your group in matching, personalised sunglasses! They’ve also a great accessory for a night out or rave party too.

Stag do hats and caps

Personalised stag do hats and caps are other great choices for keeping your weekend full of fun and surprises. If you’ve got a weekend break planned, maybe a European city break, or a day at a theme park, the caps and hats make an ideal gift to everyone in your stag do group. Get everyone’s name personalised on the front, or maybe a funny nickname.


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