As the weather gets hotter and people are spending less time indoors and more time outside, personalised sunglasses continue to prove that they are an effective advertising tool, helpful in boosting brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

Nothing is more eye catching than seeing someone wearing a great pair of sunglasses… now imagine if those sunglasses had your branding on the side! Imagine how much exposure and attention your brand would receive. That’s why promotional sunglasses make a great choice for businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries. 

Personalised sunglasses work great for businesses that want to increase their exposure – especially businesses and brands that trade a lot in the summertime or outdoors. We’ve seen promotional sunglasses work great for pubs, bars and restaurants, as well as summer clothing brands and airlines and travel companies too. Sunglasses have a lot of potential for many kinds of brands, as they’re so incredibly versatile! 

If this sounds like your business, and you want your promotional products to stand out, then a pair of sunglasses could be the perfect way to make your brand stand out. 

Personalised sunglasses at Garment Printing 

Here are Garment Printing we pride ourselves on providing the best quality sunglasses for personalisation, as well as providing a mixture of styles. 

Not everyone wants the same pair of sunglasses, and the key to effective product marketing is ensuring you pick the right product (and the right pair of sunglasses) for your client or customer base. 

The variety of styles we offer at Garment Printing means you can pick the perfect pair that ideally matches what your brand is about, and also what your customers will love wearing. We have plastic based novelty-style sunglasses if you’re going for a fun-theme, but we also have more metallic based, sport-style and streamlined styles too. We even have visor sunglasses for something really different and quirky! Download our Price Guide

Why choose Personalised sunglasses? 

Customised sunglasses are a favourite giveaway at a party or an event, and at Garment Printing you can design your own and hand them out at your next party or event. Personalised sunglasses work brilliantly for launch events, outdoor events and summer parties too. 

Customised sunglasses offer UV protection and are a fun promotion that’s also genuinely useful and valuable. We’ve also found that they offer great photo opportunities too!

They are the perfect way to market a product or a brand name. When the sun comes out, sunglasses are more than just a necessity. While they protect our eyes, they are a fashion statement too. Everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses, which is why custom sunglasses make the best promotional items, as you know people will use them. People carry sunglasses with them everywhere, from their cars, pockets and resting on their heads, making them the best way to expand brand exposure and get your name out there. 

You can give your sunglasses away at all kinds of events and situations. We’ve seen companies give away free sunglasses for outdoor launch events, summer staff parties, and conferences! 

Our sunglasses are also great for hen parties and stag parties, as you can all purchases matching sunglasses for perfect photo opportunities! They make the ideal souvenir for the trip and they’re useful too! 

Delivery and printing experts 

Get a quick quote now or give us a call and one of our Account Managers will get in touch within minutes. Our team are experts in personalisation and they’ll be able to ensure you make the right choice for your product merchandise. 

All our printing methods are modern and innovative, and we provide the best quality products with the best quality service. We even offer express printing and delivery for those times when you need promotional product ASAP! We understand what it’s like to run and promote a business and we’re here to make your job as easy as possible! 

Get in touch 

We have a range of styles, colours and lenses to help you choose the best pair for you and your brand or event. If you need help deciding which sunglasses are best for you, get in contact via the contact form or call us today on 0207 101 9315!