Your wedding is you and your beloved’s special day, and it will always be special – no matter how many years or decades pass. 


There are also many fine ways to immortalise your nuptials, beyond simply hiring a photographer or videographer – and one of those is investing in the most beautiful personalised wedding towels.So, why not order custom printed wedding towels – whether your own or for a special two newlyweds – from Garment Printing?


Why might you purchase custom wedding towels?


Amid all of the fuss and stress associated with the planning of a wedding, it can be easy for a couple to overlook the potential value of gorgeously bespoke-printed wedding towels.

You may be the lucky man-and-wife-to-be yourselves, contemplating the best ways to keep those magical wedding memories alive for longer, long after you have forgotten how much the venue can cost to hire, or how difficult the cake was to make.

In that case, why not treat yourselves to a set of lovely personalised wedding tea towels for the kitchen, perhaps printed with your names and details of the date and venue where you tied the knot? You’ll be reminded of the special occasion every time you reach for the towel to dry the dishes! Indeed, the same could also apply for your guests, if you order such custom wedding tea towels in bulk from us as a unique keepsake gift for them.

Alternatively, you might be a friend or relative of the bride or groom, struggling to decide on a gift that you can be confident they won’t receive from anyone else. Well, you can be sure of that when you choose a personalised gift! Furthermore, a set of wedding towels is a genuinely useful gift that will also warm the couple’s hearts much more than a humdrum pair of socks.


Source your wedding towels from the true leaders in garment printing


Here at Garment Printing, we know a thing or two about custom printed garments. It’s not just in our name – if you want it printed, we do it.

We come highly recommended by our clients, as you can tell by consulting our many positive reviews. Given the wide range of options we offer for personalised wedding towels, as well as our price beat promise and 100% reprint or money back guarantee, we can hardly blame them.

However, while we do it all as far as printed clothing is concerned – including hoodies, jumpers, jackets, shirts and more – we give you an especially broad range of advantages when you order custom wedding towels from us.

For one thing, there are so many types of towel that we can print, including Egyptian cotton hand towels, luxury face cloths, all-over beach towels and, of course, tea towels.

When you also consider the assorted sizes, colours and printing techniques from which you can choose as a Garment Printing customer, you may be wondering what’s still holding you back from ordering our personalised wedding towels.

You can design your own personalised wedding towel online with us right now, before ordering as many as four units. If, meanwhile, you find you need more than 25 units, you’re welcome to call the team or fill in and submit our handy online contact form.



Want To Know More?

We offer lots of personalised types of towels. Call our team today on 0207 101 9315 for more information, we’re always happy to help and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

A custom wedding towel for every taste, occasion or circumstance

Every couple is unique – and catering for this uniqueness is very much the beauty of personalised wedding towels.

Just imagine what kind of towel you could buy for that special couple you know. If they’re outdoorsy types who love to go surfing or be by the seaside, for instance, you could always invest in a set of embroidered beach towels for their wedding. They’ll be delighted and touched by the thoughtfulness that you have put into such a special gift.

Embroidery is certainly a popular option for those ordering wedding towels from us, and it’s easy for us to see why. It’s looks high-quality and is durable enough to last through many years of matrimonial bliss… yet is also very reasonably priced.

We don’t print wedding towels exclusively for those who have just got hitched, though. After all, you could even buy a wonderful wedding anniversary tea towel for a couple who have been together for decades. It’s all possible with Garment Printing.

We can help you to order the perfectly suited wedding towels

There are always a lot of decisions to make when ordering a custom printed garment. It’s the same when purchasing personalised wedding towels, so why not ask us for advice first?

You might be interested to know which printing technique is best for your given request, out of embroidery or dye sublimation. Or maybe you’ve definitely got personalised wedding tea towels in mind, but aren’t sure whether you ought to go for woven cotton or 100% cotton?

Our staff can even assist you with the finer points of your custom towel’s design. For more information or to ask any question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Don’t forget that if you have a particular design in mind for your personalised wedding towels but wish to see what it would look like before committing to an order, you can order a sample from us first.

It’s just one of the many reasons to order custom printed wedding towels from Garment Printing, also including our Quality Control Assurance Guarantee, the same-day express services we can provide if needed and our more than four decades’ combined management experience with customisation techniques.

We can print the broadest range of the highest-quality wedding towels, to tight deadlines and at competitive prices. So, why place your trust in any custom printing specialists other than Garment Printing?