4 Businesses Doing a Great Job at Polo Shirts



Choosing what to wear for your first day at work is challenging for everyone. Wearing a suit looks smart, but in the summer months, you run the risk of becoming unbearably hot.  While wearing a T-shirt or hoodie will guarantee comfort but at the cost of looking too casual. We haven’t even started the job, and we are already stressed!  Bring in the polo shirt, a garment which has a sense of professionalism to it while offering a comfortable look which is sustainable for those warm summer months, plus with the advantage of not having to get changed for a round of golf when the clock hits 5pm. Many companies know this and have capitalised on the polo shirt for office workwear and now offer company-specific personalised polo shirts. Which brings us to this list of 5 businesses who have nailed the office polo shirt:


An original twist on what could have been a very standard polo shirt. BANKSOME took a small part of their crest, the four orange and white stripes, enlarged it and put it on the right shoulder, which is actually a cool design.  The collar is orange, and so is the banded sleeve hem (some industry jargon for you all),  with the orange company logo on the front and back. BANKSOME also have a great selection of T-shirts with the same design, proving that they know what they are doing when it comes to workwear.

Image Source: Global Advisors

2) Gustare Honey

Black and gold is a great colour combination by itself, but something about Gustare Honey’s polo shirts makes it even more special. Maybe it is the use of embroidery for the company logo on the left breast, which is the highest quality printing technique available. But personally, I believe what makes the polo even cooler is the embroidered gold bee on each sleeve. It’s a nice, small additional touch and it wouldn’t have cost Gustare Honey much more to have it added. But most importantly it does help make the polo shirts look more professional.

Image Source: White Space Advertising

3) M and K Activity Centre

One of the reasons companies have workwear is so that they can stand out, and I don’t think anyone stands out more than the team at M and K Activity Centre. Bright pink is immediately flashy which will get everyone’s attention, and the yellow on the collar and sides only make the polo shirt more noticeable. M and K Activity Centre are in the entertainment industry after all, and their objectives are fun and excitement for their customers, which is exactly what this polo shirt represents. This is a perfect example of a polo shirt matching the image a company wants to portray to its customers.

Image Source: City Scoop

4) Proflow

Another black based polo shirt, but this time the second colour is blue instead of gold. What really makes this shirt special though is how much blue is used. The only Blue visible is located on the inner placket (I had to google what that part of the polo shirt is called) and a thin line on the edge of the collar, this is subtlety at its best.  There are also 2 very thin lines of blue on the bottom of each sleeve as well.  This polo shirt is not in your face and is delightful to look at!

Image Source: Proflow

Looking for Polo Shirts for your Business?

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