5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong about Sportswear



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Wearing the right clothing can make the difference between an enjoyable workout and an hour of misery. There are so many aspects to consider when choosing the right sportswear that is no wonder we can get some of the things wrong. We have compiled 5 of the most common mistakes.

Dressing too warm

A common mistake among runners is to dress too warm. Don’t adjust your outfit after how it feels at the start of your run, but rather after how it feels 15 minutes into the workout. Ideally, you should freeze a little in the beginning so it can feel comfortable in a short while.

Cotton is a big no-no!

Many runners wear cotton T-shirts or cotton socks because they feel comfortable, but this garment is not designed to draw sweat away. Cotton socks can even trap moisture and cause blisters. Consider wearing “wicking clothes” also called performance fabrics – these are usually made of polyester or Lycra blends.  

Another option to replace the cotton sportswear is eco-friendly garments. It’s definitely something that should be considered taking into account that 47% of chemicals used to manufacture textiles are considered possible human carcinogens. Bamboo is one of the best options for runners as it creates a gorgeously soft and comfortable fabric which is thermodynamic. See all your options in our Eco-friendly running clothes blog post.

Compression garments

Avoid wearing compression garments, especially in hot weather. Although they might feel comfortable, the material is usually too tight to provide enough moisture transport and ventilation in hot conditions.

Transparent leggings

That’s a problem you can see almost in every gym. When you are choosing the leggings, just make an opacity test, test them in daylight and under bright light… and always do a squat test too.

Choosing the right size and length is also very important. Leggings cannot be too tight or too loose, make sure to try them on because the sizes differ with brands. The most popular length for leggings worn at the gym is 3/4th and knee-length as they are not too restricting during the movements.

Say no to baggy layers

Many people hide beneath baggy layers. While it may be tempting, try to avoid it. You will feel more confident and motivated if you wear an outfit that looks good on you and plays up your assets. But still, don’t forget that quality and practicality go before aesthetics in sportswear, and materials are beyond important to consider! Try to combine practical material with nice looking apparel as it can inspire to go further, lift confidence and give extra energy and motivation. One of the most visible trends in the sportswear field recently has been the use of extra bright, even neon colours.

If sports and training are a big part of your lifestyle, then definitely spend a bit extra on high-quality materials, great fit and designs that please your eye. You can choose from our range of sportswear and apply your own design to it.

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