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One of the most booming markets in fashion retail since the 60’s is the sportswear industry and after the 80’s, when advertising agencies began to push sports accessories into street and everyday use, it was obvious that fashion made a big turn to focus in sports.

Nowadays it’s very rare to see someone without a pair of sneakers walking down the streets or with a sports t-shirt exercising in the park. And how nice would it be to have your own t-shirt or swim trunks with your very own logo on it? We can take care of this and have it delivered, whether it’s your own garment or we’ll get a suitable option from our wholesalers.

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And why not customise some sports bags with company’s logo. Whether if you have a gym, nutrition shop, or just a company that wants to make sure all its staff goes jogging or doing sports with a personalised bag, we got your needs covered. We can do it in every technique, it depends on the textile that’s going to be printed on.

The best technique for this kind of job would be using a textile vinyl, and you’ll be required to send us your file in .AI or .EPS vector format. This is because the machine in charge of cutting the vinyl doesn’t interpret pixels, it works on vectors cutting shapes.

You can have even more information about this technique on our CAD Cut Vinyl Printing section on our web page. You have a strict colour palette from which you can choose from because it’s pre-purchased in wholesalers, so we can’t achieve a specific PANTONE from an identity brand if that’s what you’re looking for. Every technique has its downside, and for textile vinyl, it would be the colour.

But you can still choose some unique options (for an extra fee) in textile vinyl. We have foil and metallic finishing, or even high visibility for specific jobs you need. Please keep in mind that the availability of these types of vinyl is very low for small quantity orders, but we can order more supplies if the order is large enough. Just send us an e-mail or ask for a quick quote and we’ll contact you right away if it’d be possible to get it done.

Another significant section in personalised sportswear is printing on sports t-shirts and tracksuits. For t-shirts, we have wider options if the t-shirts are pure white. You can print on dye sublimation as big as A3 paper size, or maybe on the sleeves with a full-colour print. You can have more information about this technique on our Dye Sublimation section on our website. Another big hit on the market is the full printed t-shirts, having them produced from scratch with a full design of yours. We’ll print it on the fabric and then get it made completely as you request.

We have a lot of satisfied customers enjoying their designs on t-shirts or tracksuits that we made in the past months. Printed sports t-shirts our one of our core products, you can search from a lot of our Case Studies showing our happy customers that uploaded their own designs on our website for you to see. We always offer the best quality garments, and printing delivered right where you need them.

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We offer lots of personalised types of hoodies including leavers, kids and embroidered. Call our team today on 0207 101 9315 for more information, we’re always happy to help and look forward to exceeding your expectations.