7 Businesses Doing a Great Job at Custom Workwear



Why use Custom Workwear?

Custom workwear has become one of the best ways to make your company stand out from your competition. At work or away at an event, having custom workwear imminently lets customers know that you work for that business. Not only is it cost-effective advertising which will last for years to come, but it is also a great way to help your company portray a look of professionalism. Most major companies in any industry today and they take advantage of the many benefits of having customised workwear. So we at Garment Printing decided to have a look at 7 companies who have their workwear perfected:

1) Five Guys

For fast food chains covering your hair is an essential part of the job, as it lets customers know that your establishment takes hygiene seriously, which thankfully Five Guys do. What makes Five Guys stand out from their competition though is that they do it in style, in particular, their company hat. The red baseball cap with “Five Guys Burgers and Fries” embroidered along the front has become so popular it is now available for customers to buy online. Despite potentially being mistaken for a “Make America Great Again” cap from a distance, the Five Guys hat covers employees hair and more importantly it looks cool, which reflects well for the company as a whole.

Image Source: Five Guys

2) GroCycle

GroCycle grows Oyster & Shiitake mushrooms in the middle of the city, using sustainable low tech methods in the southwest of England, but their workwear does not portray the image of mushroom farmers. They use Custom T-shirts for their company workwear.  As seen in the photo, the logo is clever,  memorable and with a simple white background, it’s easy for potential customers to remember. Its also intriguing, as GroCycle doesn’t give anything about the company away, which increases the chances of people looking up the brand when we get home. Read more about GroCycles T-shirt printing!

3) Wimbledon 

We don’t need a theme to be able to compliment the Wimbledon Umpire Blazers, they just look great. White and blue colour coding with the Wimbledon crest embroidered on the top left breast. The Blazers look elegant and classy, which exactly matches the image Wimbledon want to portray to its viewers. There’s nothing really more to say, you just have to look at the photo and admire.

Image Source: Canadian Content

 4) Mama graF 

This one might seem a bit bias as it was Garment Printing who actually did the printing for Mama graF,  but we all have to appreciate the simplicity of this hat. First of all the colour combination, white and black.  It’s simple and easy to see from a distance.  Second would be the use of embroidery, the highest quality printing technique. Not only does the use of embroidery make the hat look more professional, but it does just make it stand out that bit more. Read more about Mama graFs hat embroidery!

5) Grohe 

It seems that there is bias to this list, and that bias goes straight towards the direction of embroidery, and with the Grohe fleece you can see why. Black and white embroidery again like with the Mama graF hat, looks so simple and yet so good. Plus it just looks so damn comfy! Members of the Grohe team must be wearing that fleece after work at home over their pyjamas because it looks snug! Read more about Grohe’s fleece embroidery.

6) Lego 

What Lego use as their staff uniforms is as good as brand adverting using custom clothing gets. Having a bright yellow apron is genius. The apron is one of the largest garments available on the market and yellow is one of the most visible colours. It simply couldn’t make a Lego employee stand out more in a crowd! Then right in the middle is the Lego crest which our eyes are naturally drawn to the red embroidered logo as it is the only part of the apron that isn’t bright yellow. This is guaranteed to be seen by thousands of people.

7) EasyJet 

EasyJet is famously known for causing some extremely mixed opinions, with some believing their discount flights came straight from heaven, and others thinking they are one more delayed flight from losing half their customer base. That being said… their cabin crews scarfs are fantastic. Orange to match their company colour, with the company logo/name printed on the front. The scarf as an unnecessary addition to the cabin crew uniform, but it ends up tieing the whole outfit together, giving the uniform its own sense of class.

Image Source: Pinterest

Looking for Custom Workwear?

If you run a business and are looking for a way to make yourself stand out from the competition, or maybe you would like your workforce to look less like employees and more like a team! If so fill out a quote or give us a call and we will happily help you get the custom workwear you want. Feel free to have a look at our Case Studies and see how we have helped thousands of businesses and individuals. Or read our other blog articles where we share the secrets to getting the best printed garments possible!

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