7 Universal Design Tips By Garment Printing



Have you ever had problems with your company designs? Do you often not know which colors would look the best? These are some of the many questions that could arise when designing your artwork. But don’t worry, Garment Printing are here to help!  

When you are going to personalise a t-shirt, the design is a fundamental part of the garment. It’s true that the quality of the product also has an important role in the final product. But just think.. If you have a high quality shirt but a low quality design, at the end you’ll have a shirt that will not be attractive to customers and won’t fulfill the function that it was supposed to fulfill. It’s important that both the quality of the shirt and the quality of the design are equal and that they come together in harmony.

As well as providing you with amazing clothes and printing techniques we can also advise you with designs and artwork – giving you some helpful tips and ideas. With our printing advice your designs will look great on t shirts or any other product you choose. So here at Garment Printing we only want to help you create a high quality final product that fulfills the function you need. That’s why we give you these tips and we offer you the best printing service for your designs. Get you quick quote!

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