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There are many reasons that you can love personalised tote bags as they’re one of the most adaptable bags out there. There’s just something classic and practical about these bags that make them an undeniable wardrobe staple. Style them with any outfit or even have them hidden in a smaller bag for later in the day when you need to carry more. Even better, tote bags can be used by both men and women, making them the perfect bag for everyone.

1. They’re fashionable not just functionable 

Although tote bags have replaced plastic bags as the more sustainable option, they have also proved to be a reliable fashion accessory that help you make subtle style statements through your wardrobe choices. You can buy top quality leather totes from shops that look stylish and add to your outfit, or good quality bags from book shops, shoe stores or supermarkets.

2. They’re versatile

Tote bags have a million different uses. They can be used for shopping, as a gym bag, overnight bags, for the beach, you can carry school or uni books in them and they have countless more uses. They’re not made for anything specific so you can use them for anything you want.

3. They’re environmental AND affordable

Tote bags are made from cotton, which comes from a plant and is a renewable source. It’s manufactured with low environmental impact and reusing just one bag in your daily life can reduce the use of approximately 6 plastic bags every week, which accumulates to 288 bags a year. As well as environmental, they’re affordable. They’re made from canvas, which is economical to produce, therefore, perfect for businesses and advertisers.

4. They can be an effective advertising tool or charitable incentive

Add your brand or logo onto the front and allow thousands of eyes to see your company name daily. As promotional products, they couldn’t work any better, gathering brand impressions like no other. The purpose of a branded tote is to promote a brand, and tote bags are also perfect for imprinting because they’re highly receptive to ink transfer. They’re a great give-away for promotional events as people will be thankful for the freebie and will remember your brand for it.

5. Durable

Tote bags are very long-lasting and if taken care of, can last years and years. The canvas bags are also made of cotton, which is a very durable fabric. The same weave that makes canvas strong, and therefore able to carry heavy products, also makes it durable. So throw as much as you want in your bag, as it can take the weight!

6. There are many different versions of tote bags

They’re available in leather or fabric or canvas. You can even make your own or order one that can be personalised, making it completely unique to you.

Garment Printing have a lot of customisable tote bags that you can create for yourself or design for a friend, and you can browse our catalogue and choose from a variety of different styles and colours.

7. They can communicate your attitude towards the day

A lot of tote bags come with a logo or design on the front and can not only be used for advertising, but become a fashion accessory that can complete a persons outfit/look. If you own one tote bag, you’re bound to own more soon, and then you’ll have an abundance to choose from depending on your mood or style that day.

So we’ve given you 7 reasons why you should buy a tote bag as your essential summer accessory and at Garment Printing we offer express printing services so you can customise your tote bag and carry your own personal message with you all the time.

Browse our catalogue and design your own online so it’s completely unique and your own.

If you want to buy in bulk, we offer this service as well, so call us today or fill out the contact form below and we’ll get in touch!

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