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Clothing Embroidery

I’m pretty sure that everyone is aware of how fashion does circles. Today, you might have a favourite item of clothing that you love and is very ‘on-trend’. Unfortunately, tomorrow, the same piece of clothing could be consigned to the fashion has-been section and be considered out-of-date and is soon replaced by a new item of clothing.

One fashion trend which is currently making a huge comeback though is embroidery. Remember your favourite velvet jackets? How about your favourite denim pieces? What about a throw-on sweater that you used to wear? Well, all of these are coming back into fashion, with one difference though – they’ll all feature embroidery!

That’s right, embroidery is on the catwalks, it’s on the A-list and, pretty soon, it’ll be back in your wardrobe.

About embroidery:

The origins of embroidery can be traced right back to ancient China, where they used to employ various different hand-sewing techniques to patch, mend, or decorate their clothing. Eventually, embroidery became a way of distinguishing between normal people and royalty – thanks to the creation of luxurious tapestries.

The trend of embroidery didn’t stop there, it soon gathered pace and spread across the world and, as the practice became more commonplace, each culture would embroider patterns that were unique to them.

It wasn’t until the industrial revolution, which began in the 19th century, did we evolve the ways that embroidery was done – up until this point it was always done by hand.

In 1863, Isaak Groebli invented the Schiffli embroidery machine which operated using a two-thread system and required someone to turn a crank in order for the machine to work. Using the machine was still considered painstaking but it meant that you could create identical garments over and over again.


Today, there is a resurgence in the use of embroidery within the fashion world and this has seen high-end designers such as Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, and Christopher Kane all using embroidery in their latest creations.

Another trend that is coming back is the use of embroidered patches on clothing. This was shown by high-end designers such as Virgil Abloh, Gucci, and Raf Simons who all put patches on their recent clothing offerings.

Celebrities jumping on the embroidery bandwagon:

As well as becoming a favourite on the catwalk, a number of celebrities have recently been spotted wearing embroidered clothing. Cara Delevingne was recently spotted wearing a Zuhair Murad embroidered suede skirt while she was promoting her latest movie , Suicide Squad, recently in New York City.

Actress Eva Marcille chose a Yaz Couture sheer, nude and black contrast mini-skirt which featured embroidered rose blushes to the 2016 BET awards. Olivia Palermo also threw an embroidered jacket over her shoulders.

Margot Robbie wore a number of different embroidered outfits at different premieres this year as well. She wore two different Gucci outfits which featured embroidery while she was promoting The Legend of Tarzan and then for Suicide Squad.

Finally, Bee Shaffer chose a black floral Alexander McQueen gown to the 2016 Met Gala.

Wrap up:

Embroidery has always been the best technique when you’re creating personalised workwear as it is strong and durable and, using our excellent machines, we’re able to accurately create company logos onto garments.

This trend though has got us excited as we’re hoping to see more fashion minded individuals coming to us to create their embroidered fashion ranges.

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