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Best Quality Personalised Workwear

Quality is something that we all look for when we’re buying any product, so, for this reason, it’s important that we start valuing the materials that we use. In this case, we’re talking about the different materials and printing techniques that are used when ordering personalised garments.

There are numerous brands that you can buy which all off superior quality which is designed to satisfy even the most demanding of companies when you’re looking to buy personalised workwear. These brands include StanleyStella, Mantis and Bella+Canvas.

Choosing the correct garment is just one aspect that you need to consider. The other aspect is making sure that you choose the right printing technique as this often requires as much attention and dedication as choosing the correct garment brand and material. After all, you don’t want to spend a fortune on clothing only to be let down by the printing technique.


For customers that want to use environmentally friendly clothing, we often recommend materials such as Bamboo, Tencel and organic cotton. If you’re thinking about using eco-friendly clothing then it’s unthinkable to use a personalisation technique such as Cad Cut Vinyl as this technique isn’t eco-friendly.

To get full, personalised eco-friendly clothing you should always consider using water-based screen printing or digital printing as they maintain high-quality while also being environmentally friendly.

Unfortunately, with DTG (Direct to Garment), we’re not able to Pantone colour match so it’s important that we receive all artwork files with a resolution of 300DPI or above. Remember that DTG printing machines produce all of their colours in CMYK format.


Within the world of promotional clothing, you will find quality brands such as Russell and Kariban that have a huge catalogue of clothing and accessories which are all perfect for promoting your brand and differentiating your company from the rest.

If your idea is to get your brand seen by everyone, you need a type of printing that provides striking results, such as Cad Cut Vinyl. We are able to create all kinds of logos using Vinyl printing so this helps to get your brand out there and increase the number of views that you have.

Reflective vinyl is a brilliant option if you’re attending an event where there is little light as this printing technique will make your promotional and textile elements much more visible. We also have glow in the dark options available which gives your clothing a stand out feel, whether it’s light or dark.

The combination of personalised promotional products with vinyl printing offers the best quality at the best price. This means that you can get all of the products and clothing that you need to promote your business, whether you’re looking to give them away or sell them to generate money.

Don’t forget that in order to print using Cad Cut vinyl, we need to have the artwork ready and completely drawn into curves so that the vinyl can be cut correctly by our machines. Remember that with Cad Cut Vinyl, we can not Pantone colour match but we can use Vinyl which closely matches the colour in your artwork.


Personalised workwear needs to have a superior quality when compared to normal garments they are going to be used on a daily basis for work purposes and this means that they will be washed more than normal.

For workwear, we often use specialised clothing such as B&C Pro and various others as they are specifically made for use in a work environment and this means that they can handle the rigours of the modern day work environment.

Undoubtedly when considering workwear, the technique that we use for customisation has to have strength and durability and one technique which offers this is embroidery.

Embroidery can be done on virtually any garment regardless of what that garment is made from. Embroidery is also resistant to washing, doesn’t fade over time and it doesn’t wear out.

If your business works in the construction or hospitality industry, for example, it is highly recommended that you use embroidery when personalising clothing as this guarantees a more durable finish and, therefore, offers your clothing a much better quality.


Sometimes, personalised sportswear is overlooked and they are one of the garments where you require better quality than standard clothing. When we take part in sports, we often wear sports clothing which includes T Shirts, polo shirts and also trousers and shorts. This means that it’s important to spend time understanding the fabrics we need to use and what is the best personalisation technique to provide us with maximum comfort while we take part in sporting activities.

As a general rule, sports shirts are often made out of polyester as this is a material which dries fast, which is incredibly important as it absorbs sweat and moisture better than T Shirts which are made out of cotton. To create the best possible sportswear, it’s important that you remember that your sports garments need to be breathable, comfortable and soft to the touch. For this reason, the best personalisation technique to ensure that all of these key points are met is sublimation.

Using Dye Sublimation (also known as All Over T-Shirt Printing) for sports shirts creates an exclusive and original design. You can use the entire surface of the T-Shirt to print on.

To avoid imperfections, it’s important to make sure that your artwork is prepared in PSD format with editable layers and at a resolution of 300DPI as this will allow us to personalise the garments to the highest possible standards.

If you have any questions regarding the best personalisation techniques to suit your needs, contact us today and we will happily answer any concerns that you have and recommend the best garments and personalisation technique to suit your requirements.

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