Out Of The Box Merchandise Ideas For Your Business



These are a genuinely useful piece of branded merchandise and work especially well for companies in the student sector and in the business sector. We all know most people love receiving a bit of tech for free – and USB sticks always come in handy. It’s something most people will use on a daily basis at work – it’s great to be able to stamp your brand name on there for that extra exposure.

Vintage Laptop Backpack

One of our high-end laptop cases, this design is available at Garment Print and can be personalised to fit your business or company. We love the design of it – it looks unique, quirky and effortlessly cool – and it’s head and shoulders above standard merchandise in terms of style and sophistication. If you know your audience uses laptops or business cases on the regular, then this would be a fantastic and memorable choice for company merchandise.

Branded socks

We all need and use socks every day… And there aren’t many people who would say no to an extra pair of socks – you never know when they might come in handy! Using branded socks as your business merchandise is a great idea because it’s quirky and fun – but it also has mass appeal to both men and women.

Branded Coasters

Coasters work great for promotional merchandising, and they’re a relatively low budget option too. Because of how portable coasters are (compared to straw hats for example!) it means they’re super portable and easy to transport or store for events, trade shows or expos.

If you’d like to place an order or get a quote for any branded merchandise on our website, you can drop us an email or even design coasters online if you need less than 4 units. We’re always happy to help with any questions!

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