Personalised footwear – Think personalised flip flops and custom slide sandals

Gavin Drake

Gavin Drake

Personalised footwear, what could this mean exactly? No, we’re not recommending that you start bejazzling your favourite pumps – though what you do in your spare time is up to you. We’re talking about creating a pair of shoes that are totally unique to you, your staff or your company, because you have designed them with an objective in mind. Think personalised flip flops for promotional merchandise, custom slides shoes for fashion resale and personalised festival wellies for…well, why not?

Yep, that’s right, we don’t just do T-Shirt printing. In fact, as well as personalised footwear we also produce printed sportswear, workwear and promotional merchandise.

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Customising clothing, footwear and accessories have always been a popular pastime in the UK. Remember the punks with their studded leather trousers and denim jackets covered in patches? Or what about the mods and rockers? As well as their sticker covered Vespas, they were also fans of personalising their look all the way down to their footwear. Though styles have changed over the years, people still get excited about creating and wearing something out of the ordinary. People don’t just want practicality and durability from their product, they are also seeking originality.

Companies have caught onto this, with many offering customisation or bespoke services where customers can select the colours, material and finish they want on their favourite shoes. The best example of this is Nike’s ‘Nikeid’ service, where you can select one of Nike’s classic trainers and apply the colour, fabric and sole of your choice. Converse also allow you to customise their canvas shoes with your own design.

If you’re a brand looking to do the same, Garment Printing can help! Considering that many are searching for ‘design your own shoes’ services, it is clear that people are no longer satisfied with the standard designs they find in the shops and online. Offer them something with a bit of panache with your own line of personalised footwear.

Custom slides shoes and personalised flip flops

This year’s top summer footwear are slide sandals, usually a backless and open-toed shoe that, until recently, has been classed as an athletic sandal. Produced by sports brands such as NikeAdidas and Puma, slides are now not only worn by swimmers around the pool, but are one of the most fashionable sandals of 2017. Guys are great lovers of the shoe, wearing their men slides to the beach, the club, and even to work. For this very reason, they have taken on a life of their own, now being customised with coloured faux fur, lettering and rhinestones (usually on women’s slides), amongst other things.

Though faux fur customisation isn’t in our repertoire of personalisation services (yet), if you are a fashion outlet looking to stock printed slide sandals, we can help! With Nike and Adidas being two of our suppliers, you can get the most popular slide sandals customised with your own design, logo or slogan ready for resale in your shop or online store.

Alternatively, why not offer custom slides shoes and personalised flip flops as original promotional merchandise? After all, it’s something that people actually want! And your company would look pretty hip giving away a product that reflected current trends.

*Please note that we only process slides shoes orders of 10 units+


10 – £25.00 per pair
25 – £19.99 per pair
50 – £18.20 per pair
100 – £16.50 per pair
200 – £15.99 per pair

500 – £9.00 per pair
1000 – £6.99 per pair
2000 – £6.20 per pair
3000 – £5.35 per pair
5000 – £4.99 per pairFor full colour it is an additional £3.99 per pairGet a Quote Now!

Personalised festival wellies

We’re now well into festival season, and though we’d like it to be, this isn’t always synonymous with summer sun. Unfortunately for us, the great British summer doesn’t always perform, meaning that us brits have to always be prepared for all weathers. But this shouldn’t be at the expense of fashion, in fact, just the opposite. Most fashionistas have managed to work the weather to their advantage, incorporating stylish printed raincoats and oversize umbrellas into their outfits. But what about footwear? Wellies haven’t always been the most fashionable of items, but with a little customisation, they can be!

One of the places where wellies are paramount is at British music festivals. Most brits have now learned that you have to be quite the risk taker not to take wellies to a festival. However, no one wants to spoil their look with an ugly pair of boots. This is where personalised festival wellies come in.

Think camouflage, leopard print, floral, polka dot – get your creative juices flowing!

Working at one of the many festivals or outdoor events this summer and in need of personalised footwear for your corporate workwear? Consider printing your company logo and design on welly boots and keep your staff’s feet dry and mud free whilst they’re on the ground. As well as for practical reasons, branded wellies can act as an excellent promotional tool for your business.

Think about how many people attend music festivals every year. For this reason, they have been converted into a brand’s dream when it comes to promotion and acquisition. Printed branded workwear is crucial but it doesn’t have to start and end with printed T-Shirts. Everyone expects you to be wearing a top with your logo on it, what they won’t expect are some trendy personalised festival wellies. Think about it.

Personalised footwear as promotional merchandise

Many companies offer promotional merchandise to their clients in the form of tote bagsprinted T-Shirts and personalised pens. However, not many are making the most of specific products, such as personalised flip flops, to offer as summer promotional products at events or in giveaways.

Personalised footwear isn’t something you’d necessarily think to give out as freebies, but flip flops and custom slide sandals could be just what you need for their originality and high demand. After all, you don’t want to offer something that will just sit in a drawer with zero visibility. Personalised footwear on the other hand will give your brand maximum visibility and even help to promote your business abroad if your product is attractive enough for people to take them with them on holiday.

As the market becomes more saturated, companies are having to get more and more creative with their products and therefore their promotional merchandise. If you’ve got an idea and want to create personalised footwear for fashion resale, workwear or promotional products, get in touch. Our printing experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and get your order processed.

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