Personalised kitchenware from Jamie Oliver



As the days begin to get longer, our minds start to focus more on spending days out in the sunshine and we begin planning our summer fun. One way of enjoying the days with friends and family is to arrange a barbecue as it’s something of a tradition in the UK summertime, even if the clouds begin to form, we love nothing more than throwing a good barby. Before you know it, you’ll be dragging the BBQ out from the garage and stoking the coals to feed the swarm of hungry guests who have gathered in your back garden.

Whether we’re entertaining mates or hosting a corporate event, donning a fancy chef’s outfit tells everyone that you’re the man, you’re the head chef and you appreciate quality and you’re ready to serve them delicious food. So, if you’re in the mood for getting some high-quality personalised kitchenware, such as printed aprons, look no further than the brilliant Jamie Oliver kitchen range.

To take this a step further, don’t just accept the basic. Why not personalise the quality cooking gear with your own design or company logo to add that extra touch of class and show your customers and guests that you really mean business.

The new Jamie Oliver kitchen range is available to buy now at Garment Printing and we stock everything from the cutlery and barbecue utensils to drinkware and aprons. You’ll have no problems finding exactly what you need to be the perfect outdoor host and make your barbecues the talk of the town.

All of the products have been designed with customisation in mind and much of the range is created from recycled materials so you’re also doing your bit to help the environment as well! If you’re thinking about providing the quality kitchen range as gift, no problem, each product is supplied in it’s own stylish gift box.

For all of your printing and customisation needs, contact Garment Printing for fast turnaround times and the highest quality personalisation.

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