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So, 2018 is now upon us and it’s time to start reflecting on the successes and failures of the previous year. For many companies, this means that you now have a chance to focus on new targets and develop the strategies which brought us success in 2017.

A new year brings with it the opportunity to grow your follower base and attract new customers to help your business grow and turn 2018 into the most successful year that your company has experienced.

One way that you can achieve this is through promotional merchandise, but a simple technique that you could use is to kit out your staff with new personalised workwear as this is a brilliant way of gaining more publicity, visibility and recognition for your company or your brand. Personalised workwear is one of the best ways to achieve this as your staff are the people who your customers see and who they interact with and seek advice from, so having them wearing custom workwear is the perfect way of getting your brand remembered.

The start of 2018 could be the perfect opportunity for your company to start fresh and Garment Printing are the perfect company to help you achieve this.


Uniforms play a huge part in any team. Whether you’re providing workwear for your team or if you’re an outside organisation such as a sports club or charity. The benefits and the importance of using personalised work uniforms will definitely surprise you and this is the reason why ordering new personalised workwear is important for your company.

Wearing work uniforms helps your company to look the part and it creates a professional appearance for your staff and this will reflect in the opinion your customers have of you. The way your team looks says a lot about your company and this can be a major factor in customers choosing whether to shop with you or not. A messy staff member can suggest a messy business and this definitely isn’t the image that a company wants to portray to potential customers and clients.

Another reason why personalised workwear is important is because of the awareness that it generates. Companies across the world use a variety of different techniques and spend billions of pounds yearly on trying to advertise themselves and attract more traffic to their website and to their store. What many of the companies don’t know is that having personalised workwear is actually a great way of generating more impressions for your company and it costs a lot less money that other advertising techniques. In fact, the cost of an impression of printed workwear is as little as £0.04p!


After many years operating within the same market, it’s not uncommon to see companies become stagnant and eventually, when this happens, the company starts to become less relevant to their customers – even those that they consider to be the most loyal. Also, it’s not uncommon to see that a company’s goals and missions over time have changed as they adapt to the different markets and the ever changing needs of their customers. As this happens, the original branding material that you were presenting to your customers no longer reflects who you are and what you do. Rebranding your image will breath a new lease of life into your company and it allows you to focus and attract more customers. Also, it can help you to reconnect with customers that you may have lost.

By using the new year as a change to start afresh, rebranding your company at this time can help you begin the year by shifting your focus and allow yourself to target new goals. This can allow you to develop new services, sell new products and also improve the products and the services that you’re offering to your customers.


The idea of starting fresh with your corporate branding can be a daunting one for many companies. With so much to choose from in terms and range and design, it’s easy to understand why many companies choose not to change their staff uniforms and instead they continue with the same old. But this is where Garment Printing can help you, with our excellent range of customisable products and a range of different printing techniques which are capable of reproducing any design, we have everything that you need to get fresh in the new year with new workwear for your staff.

Our clothing has been carefully sourced to ensure that we’re only offering the best in terms of range, style and quality. We work closely with over 70 different brands from around the world to bring you the best customisable clothing around. Whether you’re looking for shirts, suits or outdoor wear, we can offer you everything that you need to fully kit out your staff.

If you’re not sure, our customer service team are here to help you make all of your decisions to ensure that your company grows with our help. We understand the importance of providing you with the best possible service from the moment that you land on our website and our customer service team are here to make sure that we achieve exactly that.

As 2018 is already underway, you might decide that you need to rebrand straight away and to help you with this we have excellent same and next day printing and delivery services to ensure that you can receive your clothing as soon as possible. This means that your rebranding doesn’t have to wait and your company can start fresh as soon as possible.

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