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Nobody knows who will win, lots of us have our World Cup predictions, and everybody has their opinions! From the 14th of June to the 15th of July, heaven comes down from the skies and gives us a glimpse of true happiness (until your country gets knocked out of the group stages).

As soon as they are released, World Cup kits always seem to sneak their way into conversations, and we love it! So I thought we should go through what we believe are the best World Cup kits over the years. Some might seem like fashion disasters, but in the world of football that only makes life better.

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10) Nigeria-2018

The only kit from the 21st century to feature in our list, but you can see why it made it on. Nike absolutely smashed it with Nigeria’s kit for Russia. This is by far the best kit in the 2018 World Cup. It looks like Nigeria have a tough road ahead of them, having to face a strong Argentina side in the group stages, but at least they will play in style!

9) Croatia-1998

Croatia have been rocking the red and white checkered shirt since 1990, but this is by far their coolest. In the 1998 World Cup in France, Croatia were definitely not the favourites, but turning up wearing this would have 100% given them a confidence boost. And it worked! Croatia managed to make it to the semi-finals of the tournament, then sadly lost  2-1 to the host. At least they looked cool doing it though.

8) Argentina-1986

For every Englishman who enjoys football the 1986 World Cup is one to forget. The famous “Hand of God” goal from Maradona sadly knocked England out in the quarter finals, so putting this kit in our list was hard. That being said, this kit is very cool. Argentina have always had the light blue and white striped shirt, but in 1986 they changed it up and had a white stripe in the centre instead of the blue. It’s simple, the symmetry is great and having the name Maradona on the back only improves it. In 1986 Argentina won the tournament, and in 2018 they achieved 8th place for best dressed in our list (some would say an even greater achievement).

7) Mexico-1998

This might have to be the craziest design in the history of international football. The second we first saw it when researching for this blog we found a retro shirt site and bought it. This shirt is hilarious, and we pray to whoever is in the sky that for the 2022 World Cup Mexico decide to wear it again.

6) Brazil-1970

The most iconic kit in the history of football. Worn by debatably the best team in the history of football, starring undoubtedly the best player in the history of football. Brazil won the tournament wearing this simple yellow shirt with blue shorts.  Brazil have customised and edited the original design over the past 45 years but nothing will ever quite live up to this perfect kit.

5) England-1990

1990, one of many times England has tragically lost to Germany in penalties. On the positive side though, England had a great kit for the 1990 World Cup. This was only their third kit so sadly it never saw pitch time, but it is by far the funkiest kit England have ever possessed.  Every time we go to a festival in England somebody will be wearing it, and every time we are jealous we are not. Might have to treat ourselves and get this shirt with printed name on the back.

4) England-1966

The proudest moment in english sporting history. Ask any anyone in England what happened in the 60s, winning the 1966 World Cup will be the first thing we say. Maybe in 2018 it will happen again? Maybe not. But let’s stick to the topic! White shorts, red long sleeved shirt. So simple, so perfect. A magical kit to match a magical tournament.

3) Netherlands-1988

The Netherlands are known for wearing the bright orange shirts, but non have ever quite lived up to this masterpiece. The design is flawless. Sadly the Netherlands will not be making it to Russia this year, but it does give them time to  design a shirt similar to this one for the next World Cup.

2)  Germany-1988

Putting the german colours across the shirt was very cool, but it is the design of the flag that makes this shirt number 2 on my list. The shirt is so perfect the design has been slightly modified and used by teams numerous times, including Germany for the 2018 World Cup. This was also the first time Germany experimented with colours in their World Cup kit, and boy did it pay off. They even went on to win the tournament!

1) USA-1994

Scrolling through other articles, the USA 1994 away kit has been titled “the ugliest kit in history” by many pages, but for us it doesn’t get any better! Denim print shirt with out of shape white stars, and topped off with bright red shorts.  America hosted the World Cup in 1994, and got knocked out in the final 16, but this crazy kit will be remembered for the rest of time

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Mexico 1998 image source: TNT Soccer Shop

England 1990 image source: Amazon UK

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Germany 1988 image source: Branch of Science

USA 1994 image source: Pinterest

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