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Freshers Week is once again creeping upon us and students from all across the United Kingdom are preparing to leave their loving parents behind to be thrust into the big, bad world. This time of year presents various different opportunities to get custom printed items. Whether these are printed T Shirts or any type of printed merchandise, if you want to be the next fashion guru on campus and be forever immortalised in the stories which get passed around on campus many years after your graduation, take some advice from the experts here at Garment Printing and discover the top 5 customisation ideas for this years Freshers Week.

1. Bar crawls:

Customised group T Shirts:

Year after year, we see an increase in orders from groups of students who want to get custom T Shirts for their group to wear on a night out on the tiles. Our clients usually include a burly group of guys (or girls) who go clubbing together and spend their weekly (or monthly) food budget on having one of the best nights of the year – also known as the legendary Freshers Pub Crawl.

The designs that we receive range from the simple to the artistic, with many groups opting for simple names and numbers with a football-esque lettering on the back. Another popular idea is having a funny quote printed onto the front of the T-Shirt – don’t worry about sending us rude phrases or risqué pictures – we have literally seen it all.

2. Printed novelty items:

Printed condoms…no, really!

Some of us dream of becoming the campus’s Stifmeister and there’s no better way than spending your first few weeks walking around and offering people your own custom printed condoms to use. OK, so this might not be your thing, but getting other custom accessories and items is definitely up everyone’s street.

We get tonnes of requests for personalised items such as key loops, lanyardstote bag printing, rucksacks, pens , sports bottles, coffee flasks and even condom foils. You might feel like it will protect your things from the campus Kleptomaniac, or you might think that it will help you achieve legendary status where everyone knows your name and who you are within the first week. Whatever your motivation, we can provide you with a massive range of options that go far and beyond that of a simple printed T-Shirt.

3. For the arty types:

Print your own designs to wow your arty friends:

For mean students, showing off is some sort of pastime. This, more often than not, is the case for the arty types who love nothing more than strolling around campus wearing colourful scarfs while sipping on cappuccinos lovingly. This also carries the hope of being noticed and admired by their deep thinking persona and their exquisite fashion sense.

Designers, artists and even a few stray psychology students from up and down the UK often flood to our printing company every year in the hope that custom T Shirts sporting their own unique designs can make them the talk of the town.

All joking aside, we have seen some incredibly creative and well-thought out artwork over the years. Whether it’s a simple T-Shirt design for yourself or a batch of mixed sizes which you can sell in union bars to raise some extra drinking money – creating your own designs just might sell out before the end of Freshers Week.

Just think of all that extra beer…I mean, textbooks…no, I did mean beer.

4. Sports clubs:

Wear your new team’s emblem with pride:

In the first few weeks, the chances are you’ll be joining one of the many sports teams or other clubs that are available. If sports really aren’t your thing, then there’s always the chess club…

Each year, we print multiple garments for students who want to show off their new team’s badge. With recent cutbacks, there’s a large possibility that your uni won’t be able to provide your team attire for free, that’s if they can even provide you with the sports kits at all. Worry not dear students, Garment Printing are able to offer deals on excellent, custom printed sportswear, printed hoodies or printed T Shirts. Either way, it’s a great way to look and feel like you belong to a family when yours is so far away.

5. Band T Shirts:

Rock and roll your way through Freshers Week:

One of the most common things we see, year-in year-out, is students forming their own bands. Some of these bands are created for fun, others are more serious (some even turn out to be huge successes). It’s not easy to gain a following as a student band, but one of the best ways to grow your fanbase is to have some merchandise made up. Printed T Shirts are the single best merchandise item that you can provide your fans, and even the University brass band could benefit from selling their own printed T Shirts.

Whether you’re a peaceful folk outfit, or a hard-rocking metal gang, printed T Shirts have a unique way of reaching a wider audience – excluding relentlessly gigging and touring that is. Let’s assume that you’re going to be the next big thing, you will need a strong design that is easily recognisable from a distance.

Garment Printing can help you with your designs and help you decide which garments would be best, from a standard white T-Shirt to some colourful hoodies, depending on your market audience, there really is something for everyone.

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