Bar Accessories

From shakers and glasses to bar mats and blades, and everything in between, the way you make your drink is as important as the drink itself. Our branded bar accessories are the perfect finishing touch for your pub, club, hotel or hospitality business.

Custom bar blades

Bar blades are a must-have accessory for every bartender, which makes it an ideal opportunity to display your logo. As a practical giveaway, our bottle openers are of excellent quality, durability and aesthetics. These are available in many colours and variations at a fair price.

Custom bar blades can be mainly made of wood, copper, and nickel, which makes them available for a range of printing techniques.

Personalised Coasters

Our coasters are wooden based and also heat resistant. The printing techniques we offer can provide a detailed and precise result, and the glossy surface will help enhance the colours. On our website, you can customise and order coasters online if you require a small quantity (up to 4 units). Our sales team will be happy to help if you need to order more than 4 personalised coasters.

If you need personalised coasters in bulk, our prices will pleasantly surprise you. You can buy them from £0.33 ex. vat for 1000+ unitsContact us today for your personalised quote!

Branded cocktail shakers

Some flavour combinations can be achieved exclusively by mixing in a shaker. It is possible that the very favourite taste of the popular cocktail is so bright and attractive only due to the correct mixing of the ingredients in the shaker!

Shakers manufacturers often use materials such as metal, plastic and glass. Nowadays there are two types of shakers – Kobler and Boston. The first is used, as a rule, by the mass consumer, it incorporates the main container, cover and filter. The second type of branded cocktail shaker is preferred by bar professionals, and it consists of two parts – glass and metal.

Pad printing will be an ideal technique to customise a metal cocktail shaker. A distinctive feature of such printing of logos is the ability to carry out in the shortest time large print runs from one colour to multi-colour images of logos and inscriptions on the surfaces of any size. An equally important advantage is our confidence that all the prints applied using pad technique are very stable and retain their original appearance even after long mechanical use or exposure to sunlight.

Personalised bar mats

Personalised bar mats are more than a promotional attribute! These can complement the interior of your bar and are an indispensable bartender assistant: the glasses do not slide on the rack, do not break and dry very quickly. Personalised bar mats can be very diverse. We offer a proven and reliable option: the manufacture of these products from PVC.

Personalised bar mats have long proven their functionality as effective advertising media. We recommend using embossing for printing your bar logo on bar mats. For printing an image using the embossing method, a stamp is made of brass with the necessary pattern, with which a relief pattern is extruded under the influence of pressure and high temperature on the product. The stamping can be colourless or – foiled, with the use of special metallised foil. Customising bar mats using embossing will guarantee long-lasting results as it does not use actual paint.

Custom printed glasses

Glasses with a logo are one of the most affordable and effective advertising tools. You can order from us both printed beer glasses and printed wine glasses. The service life of the printed image is equal to the service life of the product itself! When applied, decal printing technique is used. There are special requirements for the technology of applying images on glass, especially for thin-walled and fragile products. The cold method of transferring an image on a glass allows you to work with complex surfaces, but it has one drawback – the picture is afraid of hot water. Decal on wine or beer glass is a great choice when you need a large number of glasses for corporate events, promotions, general use in cafes, restaurants, bars. For example, a distinctive feature of any bar or restaurant is beer mugs with a logo. The colour range and shape of the applied image is limited only by your imagination. The cost of printing on the glass will allow you to arrange an effective advertising campaign, even with a tight budget. If the image is planned to be small, it is more expedient to apply it using pad printing, which is slightly cheaper than decal.

Not all types of glassware are “afraid” of high-temperature processing. In many cases, the printing on the glasses is done in a hot way, allowing you to get an image that is resistant to abrasion and dishwasher-safe.

Services applied to the glasses of images, inscriptions and logos, as well as printing on glasses are used not only to create beautiful gifts or promotional tools. Many modern restaurants, cafeterias and other catering establishments strive to have their own exclusive dishes, bearing a corporate logo, which perfectly emphasises their image. The application of the brand on the glasses, in this case, indicates the high status of the institution.

You can also have a look at our customisable work uniforms. We can print your bar logo on aprons, caps, T-shirts and so much more.