Roly is one of the supplier brands we work with at Garment Printing, who we can trust to provide us with high quality, beautiful items of clothing to print upon. Roly is one of the most recognised brands in the European market and here at Garment Printing we offer a wide range of their garments – including t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, tracksuits and raincoats. We also have more specialised options such as shirts and trousers as well as offering their full sportswear range. All of which are perfect for customisation!

Roly is one of the brands that we recommend to customers who are looking for economically sourced garments at a great price, suitable for any promotion. This is because Roly are a certified social responsible company which means they operate under a triple perspective of economical, social and environmental factors.

Brand history

The company Roly was founded in 1990, and is rooted in the manufacture of clothing garments across the USA, and now internationally. Their speciality was the personalisation and customisation of high quality t-shirts using small screen printers. 

Over time, Roly gradually expanded from simple white t-shirts and small sized prints, to more types of  types of garments, with more colour options and more prints sizes too. The company started to specialise in more complex printing styles, even including polo shirts and fleece to it’s catalogue too. 

Roly has their whole process as a domestic one, from the purchase of yarn to the tailoring of it, through to weaving and dyeing. They’re also integrating more fabric and techniques into their specialist printing line, which is giving Roly a great reputation as a diverse and varied garment brand who can expertly print in a variety of fabrics and textures such as piqué fabric, fleece, interlock or single jersey. 

What are Roly known for?

Whether you’re looking for personalised garments for the gym, to play your favourite sport or to practise your running for that upcoming marathon – Roly is the brand for you. These garments are designed to bring out the best version of yourself whilst still maintaining your personal style and they combine comfort, design and technical characteristics too!

To learn more about our full range contact the team today. You can fill out our Quick Quote form or there’s a live chat option at the bottom of this page. If you’d prefer to pick up the phone, you can also call us on  0207 101 9315. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

Roly casual wear range

Our range of Roly casual wear offers a great selection of clothes created and designed with temperature in mind to keep you cool in the hottest of days. The range is suitable for all ages ranging from basic baby clothes right through to women’s and men’s polo shirts, tank tops and shirts.

All garments can be fully customised through the use of a variety of printing techniques. If you’re not sure about which technique is right for you and your design, then contact our friendly team today! Whatever your needs; express delivery, price, quality or respect for the environment and sustainability, the Roly range will have you covered.

Roly workwear 

Our Roly workwear range is designed with comfort in mind to ensure your working day goes as quickly and easily as possible! Whether you’re working outdoors visiting customers or you’re in the office, this range has something suitable for everyone. Make a good impression and boost your business with not only personalised Roly work wear but also branded promotional merchandise too. Check out some products from this range below.

Although our collection of Roly clothing is extensive, if you can’t find what you’re looking for then call our friendly team on 0207 101 9315 and they help make your idea a reality!

Quality control 

Roly work with GORFACTORY to ensure their quality control is strict, and all garments are a certain standard. This is important to us at Garment Printing, as it’s crucial for us to ensure all our suppliers are providing high quality items. 

Working with GORFACTORY, they ensure strict production quality control, something that starts at the beginning of the production process, and continues down the production line right to the very end parts of the process. 

Roly also use raw materials that are certified as not containing harmful substances, and which also comply with regulations surrounding protecting the environment, and efficient uses of natural resources (ensuring a high level of environmental protection).