Personalised Facemasks

The COVID-19 virus has changed many things, including the need to wear facemasks daily to reduce infection rates. Although this has become a safety necessity, you don’t need to settle for boring, uncomfortable and plain masks. Personalised facemasks are a fantastic marketing tool that can enhance brand awareness, especially when worn by your team or staff.

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Our Personalised Facemasks Range

Let us help you bring your business brand to life with a unique, trendy mask design custom printed on breathable fabric.
On top of this, you can ensure that your team will be comfortable and safe with our functional, high quality, sustainable, reusable masks.      

Types of Personalised Facemasks 

There are many different types of custom face masks that can be used for different purposes. There are different types of face masks. Some protect you from covid-19, germs and dust, while others help you breathe easier. 

You use a face mask when you have an infection in your air passage or when the air is filled with small particles that can  make you sick. you use a mask to help you breathe easier     

Personalised Dust Masks

Personalised Dust Masks

A dust mask is a device made to protect the user from inhaling particulate matter. Dust masks are usually worn when in contact with what could be harmful to one’s respiratory system such as metal or welding, lead, moulds and other allergens like saliva, skin cells, and other organic material. 

Personalised Reusable Masks

Personalised Reusable Masks

These masks are flexible and can be worn across multiple uses. This type of mask is typically made out of a thin layer of plastic that lines the inside and outside portion in order to help stop it from tearing in use. What this means for you is when you purchase a reusable one, it will last much longer than traditional disposable ones which tend to tear easily.  

Personalised FFP Masks

Personalised FFP Masks

A FFP mask covers the mouth and nose, contains a clear visor, and has a filter canister attached at the base of it. FFP Masks are not to be confused with respirators, which protect against chemicals rather than gases. Respirators also have multiple parts that seal around the neck whereas a FFP Mask only covers the mouth and nose. 

Personalised Disposable Facemasks

 Disposable facemasks could be described as a facial covering that is made from paper, polyethylene or other soft cloth materials. They are often used in medical settings by healthcare workers and provide a hygienic barrier between a user’s mouth and nose and the outside environment. 

At Garment Printing, we have made it our mission to source a range of high quality, breathable canvas, polyester and fabric facemasks. If you are looking for a face covering with a comfortable fit, we have you covered – from nose to chin. The comfortability, safety and wearability of our personalised masks are enhanced by the elastic loops, a nose bridge, filters, earloops, elastic straps and inner layer.

Did we mention that we can brand the outer layer of the mask with the design specifications of your choice, a favourite photo, your company logo or a completely unique design, the sky the limit! We have also gone for 100% machine washable masks because we know that convenience is key.

Large orders are not a problem for our experienced team, who will ensure that our production time is on point, so your delivery time is met. We do have a minimum order quantity on our masks, and many are sold in a pack, which is perfect for big, medium and small businesses.

If you are looking for comfortable fitting masks to brand, but aren’t sure of the type of mask you are looking for, then take a gander at our extensive range and take a look at our personalised clothing range to match a custom garment of your choice with your facemask. 

With our reusable personalised facemasks you will be protecting your family, friends, staff, team and community. We’re also committed to producing these modern day essentials in the most sustainable practice, so where possible and subject to your budgets, your masks will be an eco-friendly solution OekoTex Certified. We encourage you to check out our hygiene range catalogue. At Garment Printing we encourage the use of reusable products that take care of the environment and are 100% bespoke to your brand or company.

This combination of polyester, cotton and water-proof fabric provides great security and protection to the risks we face every day when we need to go to work or leave the house. We’ve ensured that our masks meet the current guidelines, making them perfectly safe and effective for everyday use. Our personalised facemasks are ideal for all types of businesses such as restaurants, cafes or hotels, businesses that must take extreme precautions to prevent the expansion of COVID-19, and we can provide assistance on your order if you are in need of a larger quantity/specific sector guidance.

The fabrics used in these facemasks have undergone certified treatments that prevents moisture and leaks, preventing water from being absorbed, and protecting us from splashes or any other risk factors. 

Our personalised facemasks can be printed on their entire surface, and we have a minimum order value of 25 units per design. These full print facemasks are perfect for a variety of businesses looking to implement this essential safety measure for their employees and customers.

Your health and safety is paramount, as well as that of those around you. This face shield mask will keep your face protected from potential hazards like fluids, sprays, dust and dirt.

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