Personalised Sportswear: Shorts

When it comes to items of personalised clothing, shorts are often overlooked as a viable option. T shirts, sure. Caps, of course. Even hoodies and jackets get more of a look-in than shorts… but as an article of clothing that’s incredibly popular during the warmer months in summer and worn year-round in the world of sports, shorts are an under-appreciated opportunity for you to market your brand, achieve a sense of professionalism and camaraderie among your sports team or simply express your personality in an individual sense.

At Garment Printing, we stock a wide range of wide range of different shorts made from all kinds of material and sourced from an eclectic array of well-respected brands. Interlock running shorts by American Apparel? Check. Football shorts from Lotto? Check. Performance shorts from Fruit of the Loom? Check. Lounge shorts from Comfy Co.? Check. Cargo shorts from RTY? Check. Bodyfit shorts from Spiro? Check. Campus shorts from AWDis Hoods? Check. The list goes on and on – we’ve also got boxer shorts from brands like Kariban and The Christmas Shop, as well as novelty tartan shorts from SF. From corduroy to chino to cotton to Cooltex®, we source our shorts in all manner of different fabrics and materials. Whatever the design, whatever the material, whatever the purpose, we’re sure to have a pair of shorts in our extensive online catalogue that’ll meet your needs.

Running Shorts

For good reason, personalised shorts are perhaps most commonly associated with the world of sportswear. Indeed, any team worth their salt, whether that be amateur or professional, should surely play in matching strips. All too often, those in charge of such decisions focus on the top half of the body, investing club kitty funds into t-shirts, while forgetting about the lower half altogether. Why leave a job half unfinished? With a pair of printed shorts from Garment Printing, bearing your team’s name and badge (if it has one), you can establish a sense of professionalism that’s absent from most organisations and give your players the belief they need to go the extra mile and get that all-important result. With our superior quality clothing and advanced printing techniques, you’ll look the part and be well equipped to act it, too.

Of course, you don’t have to part of a team to sport a stylish pair of personalised shorts – or even play a sport, for that matter. In summertime, when the mercury rises and the sun blesses us all with its presence, shorts become the de facto leg covering for both men and women all over Britain. With everyone wearing the same apparel, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd or express your individuality to the full extent you might like. With a pair of shorts bearing your own design, artwork or message, you can get in touch with the inner you and flaunt it on your legs for all to see. Whether it’s an inspirational quote especially meaningful to you, the name of your favourite TV show or anything else to which you have a special connection, our advanced printing techniques can transfer it onto a pair of high quality shorts of your choosing.

Branded Shorts

Aside from sports, social and individual uses, printed shorts can also be a godsend in the world of business. Especially pertinent for companies working within the fitness industry (but not exclusively limited to them), a pair of branded shorts can help to spread awareness about your enterprise and generate buzz every time they’re worn. Whether you use them as a corporate freebie at a trade show, include them as a giveaway with a higher value purchase or distribute them to clients and customers with whom you already have a prior business relationship, there are a multitude of situations in which custom printed shorts can serve a valuable purpose. Unlike other forms of advertising, they generally have a much longer shelf-life in terms of marketing value, as well. TV ads and online pop-ups might have a large outreach, but they’re gone (and most likely forgotten) in next to no time at all. Shorts will continue to be worn every time the thermometer or the occasion calls for them, giving you unparalleled ability to reach a whole new prospective customer base.

So the next time you’re on the hunt for a pair of customised shorts to kit out your sports club, express your personality or raise your brand’s profile, look no further than Garment Printing. We have the contacts, the equipment and the experience to create a pair of eye-catching shorts that are guaranteed to look superb, feel even better and last for many years to come. Browse our online catalogue today!

No matter what your sportswear needs and how you plan to wear it, we’ve always got you covered!