Personalised Workwear: Hoodies

If you place your logo on your company’s work attire, you can be rewarded with strengthened brand recognition in the eyes of potential clients and customers. However, the types of clothing which your staff require can significantly vary with the particular responsibilities which they will be fulfilling.

For example, when your employees attend events held in the open air, t-shirts might not suffice unless the weather is consistently warm and sunny. Unfortunately, you can’t always depend on this, which is why you might want to consider buying sweatshirts for your workers to wear.

At Garment Printing, we offer sweatshirts which you can personalise with your brand’s specific colours and logo.

The essential appeal of corporate hoodies

Through our website, you can order a vast range of clothing supplies – including t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts – for your staff’s use. We allow you to visually tailor workwear of all these types, but why might you want to particularly consider ordering hoodies that will be similarly customised?

Given the regularity with which the weather can change, your staff might be content with limiting their torso attire to t-shirts, but soon wish to slip into hoodies as the weather worsens.  Your worker’s t-shirts and hoodies can each effectively carry advertising for your company.

This would be no small benefit – as, when your workers leave the office and take their warm, comfortable hoodies with them, the marketing effects of these garments can reach more people. T-shirts limited to the office could reach relatively few people other than existing customers or clients.

Other reasons to consider personalised work hoodies    

If members of your staff promote products or services at public events where potential customers are considering buying one of those offerings, these people can easily pick out your workers. Upon seeing the company logo on these workers’ hoodies, these potential customers might decide to approach these employees with queries about the products or services on offer.

In the process, your workers could form strong, lasting bonds with these potential buyers, who could become loyal customers as a result. The bonding could extend to fellow employees of the company, too. This is one of the subliminal effects when members of a team wear the same uniform.

As they catch sight of your hoodie-wearing employees, potential customers might also see the company’s web address and phone number printed on these garments. These people could subsequently be motivated to quickly write down these details for later reference.

You have various options for customising your hoodie

At Garment Printing, we let you customise a hoodie in multiple ways before you finalise an order for it. No matter what design you already have at hand for the hoodie, we can apply the crucial touches through a range of personalisation techniques.

Due to our partnerships with leading suppliers of hoodies, you can choose from various hoodie styles and sizes depending on which of them will best suit your firm. You can also decide whether the hoodie will be a standard or zippered type; either way, we can custom print it to your liking.

We can draw upon our vast experience and knowledge as we provide advice on how your hoodies can most effectively be customised. We could even help to clear your possible indecision concerning which combination of hoodie and personalisation technique would best highlight your design.

Fortunately, by providing graphic assistance, we can help you to prevent that design becoming noticeably untidy in this way.

You can choose from a range of personalisation options

If your budget is tight and your personalisation needs are basic, we can suggest vinyl printing – which is just one example of the many types of printing that we offer for hoodies. If you would prefer a more sophisticated, professional look, you might favour custom embroidery, which we can also provide.

Embroidered hoodies are also notable for their durability. Once you have ordered an embroidered hoodie, you can expect it to remain in impressive condition for years to come. This is especially appealing if you wish to order logo hoodies, as the embroidered logo can even outlive the hoodie itself.

After you place an order of embroidered hoodie, we will stitch your logo or design directly into the garment. By using Maderia classic threads, we will produce a high standard  finish that looks stylish and sophisticated.

If you are interested in learning further about ways in which we can personalise hoodies based on your company’s guidelines, we invite you to call us on 0207 101 9315. Our website includes a “Quick Quote” section enabling you to receive a quote for a hoodie in under 15 minutes!