Custom Logo Printed Promotional Straw Hat

If you’re looking for a unique branded product that will allow your company to stand out from your competitors, then promotional straw hats are exactly what you need. There’s nothing that will be more talked about than a stylish straw hat used as promotional merchandise.

Whether you’re owning a beach-themed bar or just want to be remembered at a networking event – we can help! Printed straw hats can be a great addition to your employees’ uniform especially in the hospitality industry or an accessory that empowers your company’s sustainability views.

Straw hats as hotel amenities

The hospitality industry is an art of leveraging every small detail to make the best impression on the customers and leave unforgettable memories. By providing something the guests really want and need you can get a massive advantage over your competitors. An example can be free straw hats that will pleasantly surprise your customers. The must-have beach accessories will come in very handy and at the same time can be used as advertising material. Print your hotel name on straw hats to be displayed in the most visited touristic places by your own guests.

One of the best-reviewed hotels in Mexico – Holiday Inn Resort Ixtapa is using this strategy to impress its guests. It provides free straw hats and beach bags in the rooms to make the entire guest experience shine. You can order printed straw hats in bulk for the best price per unit.

Printed Straw hats as part of your uniform

If you own an open space local, running during the hot summer season, you can show good care of your employees, empower sustainability values and promote your brand by using one simple accessory – printed straw hats. With this stylish and quirky addition to your staff’s uniform, attracting new clients is easy! Such a memorable accessory is both cheap and functional that will help spread the word about your unique brand.

You can benefit from our wholesale straw hats service option and order as many printed straw hats as you need. With our wide variety of printing techniques to choose from, we’ll make sure your brand image requirements are strictly exercised.

Straw hats for events

Event planners love these eco-friendly, stylish, and unique accessories. It can promote your Brand while creating a big-time impression for originality. Placing a company name or logo onto a straw hat is a great way to encourage a constant stream of exposure to people on the streets. You can have any type of colour that will best match your brand image and choose between an extensive number of printing techniques that can best represent your logo. We also have cool cowboy hats, which make for a great corporate giveaway during outdoor events in the spring and summer months. If you’re not sure about your choice, our sales team will be happy to help.

Promotional straw hats are a great long-lasting marketing tool. They are very functional, enhancing the probability of use by clients with subsequent prolonged brand awareness.

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