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Towels are an indispensable attribute of every hotel and b&b. The hospitality industry is an art of leveraging every small detail to make the best impression on the customers and leave unforgettable memories and we can help with that. We can provide towels for every hotel activity, order from us wholesale printed tea towels, hand towels, and of course, bath towels. With a variety of printing techniques available, we can make sure that your logo will be displayed with the highest accuracy keeping in mind all your brand requirements.

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Hotel towels wholesale

For hotel owners, printed or embroidered towels is a must-have accessory. We carefully monitor the quality of goods and offer only the best fabrics. If you choose cotton towels, then the pile will be soft, lightweight, and very absorbent. But of course, we take into account different client needs and therefore, we also offer synthetic fabrics for those who would like a budget option. The abundance of colours presented in the catalogue will satisfy even the most demanding customer. We have both discreet monochrome products for hotels, and bright motley children’s textiles.

We can personalise towels in big quantities using embroidery, sublimation, and screen printing. So if you’re looking for wholesale towels customised with your logo, we can provide them in the shortest time-frames.

Wholesale printed tea towels

We can also offer you wholesale printed tea towels for your restaurant kitchen. All products are created in accordance with current trends and consumer demands.

Our wholesale printed tea towels have several advantages:

  • The ability to quickly absorb moisture and dry.
  • Ease of cleaning: you can wash our towels both manually and in a washing machine. Textiles are easy to iron. Please refer to our wash and care guide for more info.
  • Wear resistance. Tea towels do not fade and do not lose their shape even after several washes.
  • Security. Our kitchen towels are made from natural fabrics that do not emit harmful substances and do not melt when in contact with hot objects. They can be used to wipe wet surfaces and hands.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of our wholesale printed tea towels. We offer kitchen towels in bulk in various sizes and colours. Finding the right one for you won’t be difficult.

Hairdressing towels wholesale

For beauty salons and hairdressers, we offer very reliable and durable cotton towels – perfectly suitable for sublimation printing and embroidery, especially if you require over 25 units. You can also check our range of Egyptian cotton towels that will guarantee a soft feel and a happy client.

Most beauty salons use terrycloth towels, also there are some attempts to use disposable towels for this purpose. However, salon towels made from 100% natural cotton are the basis for the success of the vast majority of beauty salons. Undeniably, it is more comfortable to wipe and wrap customers’ hair in a “turban” with good-quality towels, rather than disposable napkins. A cotton towel is capable of absorbing a lot of moisture, at the same time maintaining a pleasant sensation of soothing warmth on the head of the most demanding client.

The use of non-100% organic cotton towels in beauty salons leads to negative consequences: the towel does not absorb moisture well (water just flows down the towel), the towel is unpleasant to the touch, it creates uncomfortable sensations on the skin of the scalp and neck.

Ideally, the best size towels for beauty salons are 50×90 or 50×100 cm, a smaller size will not allow you to make a classic turban, and a larger size is simply redundant. On the other hand, hairdressers also use towels of 40×70 and 40×80 cm. For manicure work, products of 30×50 or 40×70 cm are used. You can also get in touch with our team of experts for the best advice on the types of wholesale towels that we deliver all over the UK and our variety of printing techniques.