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A fashion designer based in Liverpool has created a new range of designer turbans which is specifically aimed at female cancer suffers in a bid to help give them their confidence back after cancer treatment.

Enola Wade, from Enola Rose Designs, is known her her fashionable range of headscarves and oversized bow designs but she received a number of requests from customers who wanted to cover their heads in style after losing their hair during cancer treatment. Enola said:

“I couldn’t believe how many women had started asking me whether I did full turbans for hair loss. They were either having cancer treatment, had alopecia or they’d had operations where they needed to cover part of their head.”

She went on to say that her love for fashionable headwear prompted her to create the stylish designs as a way of giving something back to the community and give people their confidence back during their recovery period.

“I want them to be looking good and glamorous and feeling confident while they’re going through what they’re going through.”

Enola creates her collections under the fashion label Enola Rose Designs and has been selling trademark vintage-inspired headwear in Quiggins, Liverpool. She is a graduate in millinery from Liverpool Community College and starter her own business after her daughter was born. Originally starting as an online store, Enola Rose Designs opened their first store this summer so she could reach the growing customer base she was receiving.

Although a creative designer, Enola also tailors designs to suit customers needs.

“I’ve got one customer at the moment who’s losing her hair and she doesn’t want anything in-your-face so I’m making her something in plain black and really subtle.”

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